September 24, 2011: Weekly Reminders

MONDAY: We have library on Monday, don’t forget your books. We also have gym on Monday, don’t forget to wear or bring tennis shoes.

SECOND GRADE T-SHIRTS: If you would like to order a second grade t-shirt, slips and money are due by Monday.

BOOK TREASURE BOOK: Retelling sheets and envelopes are due back to school by Tuesday for our first Book Treasure Book that we did on Friday, which was Owen.

SUNNY D LABELS: We had 2 labels brought to school last week. That means we only need 18 more. If you drink Sunny D, please save your labels and bring them to school. We are trying to collect 20, so that we can get 20 free books for our classroom. Don’t forget that I am giving out Eagle Bucks to everyone who brings them in. THANKS!!!

PARTY FUND: If you have not sent in your donation to the party fund, please try to do so as soon as possible. We have a lot of fun things planned for the year!!!

MYSTERY READER: We have many dates still available for Mystery Reader throughout the year. Mystery Readers usually come in on Fridays at 12:45. If you, or a family member, would like to come in and read, just drop me a note or e-mail with several dates, and I can tell you which one is available. We still need a Mystery Reader for October 21, October 28 and November 18.

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