September 29, 2011: Work On Writitng

This week we learned another aspect of the Daily 5. We began “Work on Writing.” During “Work on Writing” students are writing independently around the room about what they choose to write about. We started off  just writing in our reader’s response notebooks. The students were given an activity ring to keep in their book baskets. On the ring are 12 ways to respond to texts. We had learned 3 of them; story map, favorite part, and beginning, middle, end. We did an example for each activity together as a class last week. This week they had to pick one of the three activities and wrote about a book that they had read from their book baskets. Students wrote at their desks, but will eventually be allowed to sit anywhere in the room and will have a choice about what they are writing about. Each day we have been building stamina, and are already up to 20 minutes!!

4 thoughts on “September 29, 2011: Work On Writitng

  1. I love the idea of having ways to respond to a text on a ring. Was wondering what your expectation was as far as how often they resond – once a week, each time they read a book, etc. Would you by any chance have these as a download? Didn’t see them in your daily 5 files. If not, understandable. Wanted to start them soon, and now getting ready for fall parent conferences. Can’t see me having the time to do any “creating” for a while. Thanks so much for the reat blog!

  2. Hello Kristy,

    They work on writing everyday during Daily 5 for about 20-25 minutes. So, I like to see about 2-3 entries per week. After they respond to the text, they are allowed to draw and color pictures to go with it. I don’t have them on a download. But, when I go to school Monday, I will grab the sheets and bring them home and scan them into my computer and put them on the blog.

  3. I love your site! I am currently teaching 2nd grade and I love using Daily 5. I too would love to know the 12 ways that you have your kiddos respond to text during work on writing time. Also, are you meeting with your guided reading groups during the time the kids are working on Daily 5? Do you have your students go to every Daily 5 rotation every day? So much I know, I have been teaching 3rd-5th for the last 7 years, so 2nd is a whole new ball game. Very excited!

  4. Hello,
    I do meet with my reading groups all during Daily 5 time. My students must do read to self and work on writing everyday, the third session is their choice. Some of the 12 ways they respond to text include: favorite part, BME, new ending, story elements, character web, etc. Good luck this year.

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