October 22, 2011: Adjective Poems

This week we read a book called, “If You Were a Writer,” written by Joan Lowery Nixon. The book is about a young girl whose mother is a writer. The girl wants to be a writer, but doesn’t know what to do. With some help from her mom, Melia begins to learn the tools of the trade. She learns how to make pictures with words, how to search for ideas, and how to start a story. In the book, Melia learns about what adjectives are and how they can help paint a picture in the reader’s mind. After further discussing what adjectives are, we wrote an adjective poem about pumpkins. Take a look at our slideshow below!!

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October 22, 2011: Weekly Reminders

MONDAY: We have library on Monday, don’t forget your books. We also have Gym on Monday, please wear/bring tennis shoes.

SUNNY D LABELS: Just a reminder, we are still collecting Sunny D labels. If you drink Sunny D, please save your labels and bring them to school. We are trying to collect 20, so that we can get 20 free books for our classroom. Don’t forget that I am giving out Eagle Bucks to everyone who brings them in. THANKS!!!

BOOK TREASURE BOOK: Retelling sheets and envelopes are due back to school by Tuesday for our Book Treasure Book, Boogie Bones,  that we did on Friday.

HALLOWEEN: We will be celebrating Halloween on Monday, October 31st. We will be putting costumes on after lunch, so please send them to school in a bag or your child’s backpack. The parade will be at 2:00. Parents are invited to come watch!! Because of limited space, only our room moms will be able to join us in the classroom for the party. Watch for a note to come home on Monday with all the details.

NOVEMBER SELF-ESTEEM PROJECT: Your child will be bringing home a big turkey feather to decorate for the November Self-Esteem project. They will be due back to school by Tuesday, November 1st. Watch for this to come home next week.

October 21, 2011: Moms and Muffins

What a wonderful turnout we had today for Moms and Muffins. It was great to see so many familiar faces from this year and past years. I hope everyone enjoyed the yummy muffins and milk.

October 21, 2011: Mystery Reader

What a great surprise today to have Mr. Brannon come in to be our Mystery Reader. He read us a great book called, Corduroy’s Best Halloween.He also brought us three Halloween pictures to color. If the kids color them and return them on Monday, they will be hung on the bulletin board in the lunchroom for the next few weeks. Thanks again to Mr. Brannon for coming in and being our Mystery Reader today!!

October 21, 2011: Pumpkin Math

We were excited today when we got to do something with the pumpkins that have been sitting on our tables for the past few weeks. We did some “pumpkin math.” We worked in small groups to explore our pumpkins. First, we did some predicting. We predicted our pumpkin’s weight, height, distance around, length of the stem, and how many ribs they had. Then we got to measure with tape measures and used a scale to weigh our pumpkins. Some of us were really good at our predicting. Here are a few pictures!!

October 21, 2011: Book Treasure Book

Today we read a wonderful book called, Boogie Bones for our Book Treasure book. Boogie Bones, a skeleton who loves to dance, longs to show his stuff beyond the graveyard’s iron gates but is a little intimidated by people. One night he enters a dance contest at the Town Hall, disguising himself with a hat and tuxedo. All goes well until he launches into the lindy hop and wriggles and jiggles right out of his clothes. Onlookers are aghast to see a skeleton in their midst. Only a small girl is unafraid to dance with him, and her courage inspires everyone else to clap along. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a rubber skeleton. Please have your child write a written, detailed retelling of the story. Envelopes and retelling sheets are due back by Tuesday. The skeleton should be kept at home in their treasure boxes. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the title below.

Boogie Bones Podcast