December 21, 2011: 2-Digit Addition

This past week in math has been a challenging week in math. I introduced the students to 2-digit addition. First, I showed them the traditional way of adding (the “carrying” method or adding with regrouping), where you carry or regroup a number over into the tens column. Then, I showed them another way of adding called “The Partial Sums Algorithum.” In this method, students work from the left to the right, adding the tens, and then the ones, and then adding them together. Students must be able to do both methods. They will be asked on our unit test to show both methods. Once students are proficient in both methods, they will eventually be able to choose the method that they find easiest. I found this video that explains “Partial Sums” in a slow, precise manner. It would be great for your child to watch to review this method, but I think that it is also beneficial to parents. Most of us parents are not familiar with this method because we were not taught this way when we were in school. I have also included a video demonstrating the regrouping or “carrying” method. I hope that you find these helpful!!

I put the videos in the posts below this!!

December 18, 2011: Mystery Reader

It has been a few weeks since we have had a Mystery Reader, so the kids were really excited when Sophia’s mom walked into the room. She read us a fantastic Christmas story called, A Bad Kitty Christmas. She also brought us a yummy chocolate treat. A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Lenn for coming in today to be our Mystery Reader!!!

December 18, 2011: Weekly Reminders

MONDAY: On Monday, we will have library, please bring your books back. We will also have gym class, please wear/bring your tennis shoes.

POLAR EXPRESS PAMAMA PARTY: On Wednesday, we will be having our Polar Express Pajama Party. Please wear your pajamas to school, you may bring slippers if you wish. Also, please bring your most treasured possession.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: We will be having our Christmas party on Thursday. We will be having a pancake breakfast. If you signed  up to send something in, please send it in by Wednesday.  Also, please have your child wear their “Christmas clothes” or something red or green.

 GIFT EXCHANGE: We will be having a book exchange on Thursday. Please bring in a new, wrapped book, worth approx. $4.00. Please only put who it is fun on the tag.