March 27, 2012: Word Shake Game

I just found this really fun game called, Word Shake. It is a lot like Boggle. You have 3 minutes to see how many points you can get for making words. The longer your word, the more points you get. Just click on the picture below to play. Leave us a comment here and let us know how many points you get.

March 27, 2012: Spelling~Unit 23

This week we are working on Unit 23 in Spelling. Yesterday, your child should have brought home their spelling pretest. Please help your child study these 6 words that will be on the test on Friday. Your child should have also brought home their spelling homework. This week’s skills is working with plurals and the rules for s, es, and ies. Please remember that spelling homework is due back to school by Friday. If you would like to practice this week’s skill, just click on the picture below to play a game.

THIS WEEK’S WORDS ARE:  great, tell, men, say, small, around

March 24, 2012: Weekly Reminderss

MONDAY: On Monday, we have library, don’t forget your books. We also have Gym class, don’t forget to wear/bring your tennis shoes.

MATH TEST: On Monday, we will be having our Third Quarter Math Assessment. Review sheets should have come home on Friday. One is to be done for homework and returned to school on Monday. Please help your child review for this test.

NO SCHOOL: There will be no school on Tuesday due to record’s day. Enjoy your day off!!

READING LOGS: Don’t forget, reading logs are due Friday.

SPRING BREAK: There will be no school on April 2-9. School will resume on Tuesday April 10th.

March 24, 2012: Read In

Last Friday, Eisenhower held its annual read-in for March is Reading Month. We brought in our pillows, blankets,stuffed animal, slippers, and our favorite books. We found our own quiet spot and spent a large part of the afternoon reading.

March 24, 2012: Lucky Charms Graphing

Last week, as a St. Patrick’s Day activity, we graphed Lucky Charms. First, we got a cup of Lucky Charms and sorted out the marshmallow shapes. Then we graphed them and answered a bunch of questions about the graph. Finally we did some <, >, = problems with them. When we were done, we got to eat our cup of Lucky Charms, YUM!!

March 24, 2012: Writing Celebration

Last week we had a writing celebration. We picked our favorite story to publish. We fixed and fancied it up. We picked our favorite sentence or two to read to the entire class. Then, we got into small groups and read our entire story. When we were done, we had cookies and juice.

March 22, 2012: Mystery Reader

Last Friday, Jill’s sister came in to be our Mystery Reader. A HUGE thank you to her for taking time out of her busy day to come in and read to us!!