September 29, 2012: Weekly Reminders

GYM & LIBRARY: We have gym class on Tuesday, don’t forget to bring/wear your tennis shoes. We have library on Friday, don’t forget to bring your books back.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will have our test on Communities on Monday. Please help your child study by going over the study guide. Please sign it and return it to school on Monday.

SEPTEMBER REWARD: We will be going to the Fraser High School auditorium on Friday for our September positive behavior reward. Students whose behavior card was not flipped to yellow more than once this month will be enjoying a movie. If you did not send in the permission slip, please send it in on Monday.

SUNNY D LABELS: We had 5 labels brought to school last week. That means we only need 15 more. If you drink Sunny D, please save your labels and bring them to school. We are trying to collect 20, so that we can get 20 free books for our classroom. Don’t forget that I am giving out Eagle Bucks to everyone who brings them in. THANKS!!!

PARTY FUND: Party fund money was due on September 28th. If you have not sent this in yet, please send it in next week.

WALK THROUGH FRASER FIELD TRIP: If you did not send in the slip and money for our field trip, please send it in by next Friday.

September 24, 2012: Work on Writing

Last week we learned another aspect of the Daily 5. We began “Work on Writing.” During “Work on Writing” students are writing independently around the room about what they choose to write about. We started off  just writing in our reader’s response notebooks. The students were given an activity ring to keep in their book baskets. On the ring are 12 ways to respond to texts. We had learned 3 of them; story map, favorite part, and beginning, middle, end. We did an example for each activity together as a class last week. This week they will pick one of the three activities and write about a book that they have read from their book baskets. Students wrote at their desks, but will eventually be allowed to sit anywhere in the room and will have a choice about what they are writing about. Each day we have been building stamina, and are already up to 20 minutes!!

September 24, 2012: Spelling~Unit 3

This week we are working on Unit 3 in spelling. The skill for the week is the spelling patterns of “ou” and “ow”. Spelling homework is due back to school by Friday. Please help your child study for the test on Friday. THANKS!!! Also, I  found a website to practice the “ou” and “ow” spelling patterns. Just click on the picture below to go to the website. Once there, click on “ou and ow”.

This week’s spelling words are:    will, each, about, how, up, your