October 29, 2012: New Word Work Materials

Today, the kids were so excited to be able to work with some new materials during Word Work time. I showed them 8 different materials in bottles, such as tiny rocks, pony beads, little pom poms, and glass stones. Students took a container that was filled with an item, a work mat (piece of flannel) and a spelling list back to their desks. Students used the materials to “build” their spelling words. It was a big hit today and the kids were really excited to use them.

October 29, 2012: Book Buddies

On Friday, we met with our book buddies in the Media Center. We made pumpkin glyphs with them. Take a look at us having fun with our buddies!!

October 29, 2012: Mystery Reader

Everyone was really excited, especially Kaden, when they found out his dad was coming in to be our Mystery Reader. He read us a wonderful story called, Pick a Dad, Any Dad. He also brought us in some yummy donuts. Thank you Mr. Young!!

October 29, 2012: Spelling~Unit 8

This week we are working on Unit 8 in spelling. Your child should have brought home their pretest today. Please help them study for the test on Friday. The spelling homework should have also come home today and is due by Friday. This week’s skill is working with antonyms (opposites).  If you would like to practice this week’s skill, antonyms, just click on the picture below to get to a fun game.

THIS WEEK’S SPELLING WORDS:  no, than, hear, make, been, first

October 28, 2012: Weekly Reminders

MATH TEST: We will be testing on Unit 2 on Monday. Please help your child go over the two review sheets that come home last week.

SCIENCE TEST: We will be testing on our Earth’ s Land  and Water unit on Tuesday. Please help your child review for the test by going over the study guide that came home last week.

GYM: We have Gym class on Tuesday, don’t forget to wear/bring our tennis shoes.

LIBRARY: We have library on Friday, don’t forget your books.

HALLOWEEN PARADE: Please make sure your child brings their Halloween costume to school in a bag on Wednesday. They will be changing into them after lunch. Parents are invited to come watch our parade @ 1:30.  The best place to watch would be around the bus loop. Because of limited space, only our 2 room moms will be able to join us in the classroom for the party.If you are sending in treats for our treat bags, we now have 25 students in our class.

COAT OF ARMS PROJECT: The Coat of Arms project is due by Wednesday.


October 26, 2012: Book Treasure Book

Today we read our third Book Treasure book. It was Big Pumpkin, written by Erica Silverman. The students should have brought home their Book Treasure envelope with their retelling sheet and a little pumpkin eraser to put in their treasure boxes. Please have your child retell the story to you. I have put on a podcast (an audio recording) of the story. If you would like to listen to the story, just click below on the title. Please make sure to return your retelling sheet and envelope by Tuesday. We will be doing another Book Treasure next Friday.

Big Pumpkin 1