December 14, 2012: Congratulations!!!

A big congratulations to the students who completed the November homework calendar. Congratulations to: Molly, Ivy, Madison, Matt, Isabella, Mathew, and Hannah!! 

I would also like to congratulate the following students for meeting the reading goal in November and earned a free pizza from Pizza Hut. Congratulations to Isabella, Matt, Molly, Adele, and Hannah!!

December 14, 2012: Book Treasure Book

This week’s Book Treasure book is Franklin’s Christmas Gift.  Today, your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a little gift wrapped box. Please make sure that you return your retelling sheet by next Tuesday. Please make sure that you are writing down a detailed retelling. You should be including characters, setting, problem, solution, and main events. You should be using the back of the retelling sheet if you run out of room. Also, the students should be writing down their retellings, not the parents. Thanks!!! If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the title below.

Franklin’s Christmas Gift

December 11, 2012: Mystery Reader

Last Friday, the kids were very excited when they found out that Kaden’s mom was going to be our Mystery Reader. She read us a book called, Scooby Doo and the Mummy’s Curse. She also brought us in some yummy Scooby Snacks to eat. A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Young for being our Mystery Reader.

December 11, 2012: 2-Digit Addition

This past week in math has been a challenging week in math. I introduced the students to 2-digit addition. First, I showed them the traditional way of adding (the “carrying” method or adding with regrouping), where you carry or regroup a number over into the tens column. Then, I showed them another way of adding called “The Partial Sums Algorithm.” In this method, students work from the left to the right, adding the tens, and then the ones, and then adding them together. Students must be able to do both methods. They will be asked on our unit test to show both methods. Once students are proficient in both methods, they will eventually be able to choose the method that they find easiest. I found this video that explains “Partial Sums” in a slow, precise manner. It would be great for your child to watch to review this method, but I think that it is also beneficial to parents. Most of us parents are not familiar with this method because we were not taught this way when we were in school. I have also included a video demonstrating the regrouping or “carrying” method. I hope that you find these helpful!!

I put the videos in the posts below this!!

December 10, 2012: Spelling~Unit 12

This week we are working on Unit 12 in Spelling. Today, your child should have brought home their spelling pretest along with the homework paper for the week. Homework is due back to school by Friday. This week’s skill is working with the suffixes ing, ed, er and est. Please remember to visit Spelling City to play some games with this week’s words. Just click on the picture below to get to the website.

THIS WEEK”S SPELLING WORDS ARE:   long, little, very, after, word, people