January 25, 2013: Cookie Island

Today we worked on our Cookie Island projects. We used different food items to create landforms on a large sugar cookie. We used green coconut for plains, Hershey Kisses for mountains, brown frosting for dirt, chocolate chips for hills, miniature candy bars for plateaus, blue icing for rivers, and then we placed them on a blue napkin which became our lakes and oceans. We created our islands in the morning, then in the afternoon, we had to draw it out and color it on a map. When we were all done, we got to eat our cookies. Next week we are going to use the app, Skitch, to label a picture of our Cookie Island. Watch for a post showing our Skitch’s.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in food items and to Mrs. Young who helped us out in the hallway. THANKS!!!!!!

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