March 9, 2013: Book Treasure Book

 Today we read The Leprechaun’s Gold for our book treasure book. The story centers around the King’s contest to choose the best harpist in the land. Young Tom is sure he can beat out Old Pat. The lad goes as far as to break the poor old fellow’s harp string on their journey to the event. It seems that all is lost until Pat stops to answer a leprechaun’s cry for help. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a shamrock to put in their treasure chest. Retelling sheets are due back to school by next Tuesday. Don’t forget, you can do your retelling right here. Just click on comments, below this post and leave your retelling. If you choose to do it on here, just write ‘blog” on your retelling sheet and turn it in by Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the title below.

The Leprechaun’s Gold

8 thoughts on “March 9, 2013: Book Treasure Book

  1. One day old Pat and Tom were playing their harps. Tom played for money and old Pat played for his friends. Then they heard about a contest in the kingdom for harp players and set off to win. Then Tom decided that if he traveled with old Pat he wouldn’t have to pay for food. That night when old Pat was sleeping Tom cut one of his harp strings. Later that night at their fire they heard a leprechaun crying. Tom wouldn’t help because he didn’t want to miss the contest and left. Old Pat went to look and found a leprechaun stuck in a rabbit hole. Old Pat barked like a fox and the rabbit let go of the leprechaun’s foot. Old Pat took him back to the fire and played him a song and the leprechaun saw that old Pat’s harp was broken and asked if old Pat wanted some gold. Old Pat said “no indeed” and went to sleep. When he woke up the leprechaun was gone and he went to the contest. When old Pat got their he saw Tom playing for the king and than his harp strings broke. When old Pat went to play he saw his harp was now made of gold and began to play. He played so well the king named old Pat “The Royal Harpist of Ireland”.

  2. What I like about the story is that the mans harp is gold, let me explain. He saw a Leprechaun and a bunny grabbed him. The boy and the Leprechaun were in a cave they talked to each other. The man wanted the Leprechaun’s gold. He knew that so he gave the man a harp he made from some of his gold. The man did not see him do that and he was surprised. I would want that gold harp. I hope I can read that story again.

  3. Once there lived a man named Old Patt. He loved to play the harp. At the weddings the more the merrier when Old Patt brought his harp. There also was a man named Tom. He thought that he was better than Old Patt. One day one of the guards announced there will be a harp contest the best will win. Olf Pat was going to walk with Tom to the castle, when they stopped and had a fire. So sneaky, Tom snuck up and pulled one of Old Pat’s harp strings. He was so sad. On the way there, he heard a leprechaun’s voice crying “Help! Help!”. Old Pat thought about how sneak Leaprechauns were and decided to help him. He made the rabbits laugh so hard that they bounced and the Leprechaun got free. He asked if Old Pat wanted the gold. Then the Leprechaun sang so softly he fell asleep. We when he woke up he was at the contest and when Tom was up there when he was playing his harp strings started falling off. “Sneaky Leprechauns”, he said and went off the stage. Old Pat went up, reached into his bag, and out came a beautiful golden harp. Before you know it, everybody was dancing. Old Pat had a wonderful time, and that was the best thing that ever happpened. In the distance he could hear a small sound of a Leprechaun laughing. The End.

  4. The story takes place in a village in Ireland. Old Pat is a harpist who plays for free and is rich in friends. Young Tom has learned everything he knows from Pat but Young Tom is greedy and plays for money. There is going to be a contest at the Royal Palace who is the best harp player. Old Pat and Young Tom go together. Young Tom realizes that he could lose to Old Pat so he snaps one of Old Pat’s string. They hear a cry from the woods. Old Pat goes into the woods and sees a leprechaun with his foot caught in a hole. The Leprechaun wants to repay Old Pat for his help so he gives Old Pat a gold harp and he wins the contest for best harp player in the village. I learned to be yourself and not to be greedy.

  5. There was leprechaun and a man. Then the man had a piece of string and it broke. Then the man found a leprechaun. The man asked the leprechaun to fix his string. Then the leprechaun thought that the man just wanted his pot of gold, but the man didn’t… He just needed his string fixed. Then all of the strings started breaking. Then the man didn’t have an instrument to play.

  6. My favorite part of the story is when old man pat said I am rich in friends and not in gold.

  7. My favoritepart of the story is when old man Pat said I am rich in friends and not in gold.

  8. My favorite part of The Leprechauns Gold, was when he said,”No indeed” I like the word,”Indeed”

    -De’Arra 3/20/13

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