March 9, 2013: Weekly Reminders

MATH ASSESSMENT: We will be taking our 2nd trimester math assessment on Thursday. This is a VERY important math test. Report card grades for math will be based on the results of this test. There are many hard concepts for the 2nd trimester. Watch for review sheets to come home next week and please use them to help your child review for the test.

LIBRARY: Since there is no school next Friday, we will be going to Library on Thursday. Please help your child remember to bring their books back on Thursday.

NO SCHOOL: There will be no school on Friday due to Record’s Day.

READING LOGS: Since there is no school on Friday, week 2 reading logs are due on Thursday next week. Everyone should be trying to reach the goal for each week, 100 minutes. This week we only had 13 students meet the reading goal. They earned 10 Eagle Bucks from me and were put into a raffle for Mr. Metty’s prizes. They also got to go out into the hallway and add a sticker to their fish.

March 2, 2013: Weekly Reminders

SCIENCE TEST:  We will be testing on our measuring unit on Monday. Please help your child study for the test by going over the review packet with them.

FIELD TRIP: We will be attending the play, Martha Speaks on Tuesday at the Macomb Performing Arts Center. Please have your child dress in their “Sunday Best.” Also, please have them bring theirt tennis shoes because we have Gym class that day.

MATH TEST: We will be finishing up Unit 7 in Math on Monday. We will be testing on it on Thursday. Watch for review sheets to come home on Tuesday and Wednesday.

LIBRARY: We have library on Friday, don’t forge to bring back your books.

MARCH IS READING MONTH: Yesterday we kicked off March is Reading Month by learning about everything that is going on this month.  I sent home the packet for March is Reading Month materials. All 2nd graders are expected to read 100 minutes a week. The reading they do for their reading bags can count towards this. The log sheets need to be turned in every Friday and need a parent signature on them to receive the weekly prizes. Each week, when your child brings in their reading log, they will get to put their name on a raffle ticket and can win prizes. So don’t forget to READ, READ, READ!!!!

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March 2, 2013: Book Treasure Book

Yesterday I read the story Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munch. Stephanie likes to have her own look. So when her classmates begin copying her ponytail, she finds increasingly outrageous ways to wear her hair until she outsmarts the copycats. Your child should have brought home a retelling sheet, their envelope and a ponytail holder as their book treasure. Don’t forget, you can do your retelling right here on the blog. Just click on “comments” at the bottom of this post. If you do your retelling here, just write “blog” on the retelling sheet and bring it back to school by Tuesday. Click on the book below to listen to the story on Robesrt Munch’s web site.