April 15, 2013: Book Treasure Book

This past Friday we read Purple, Green and Yellow,written by Robert Munsch as our book treasure book. In this book,  Brigid is having fun with her markers until she goes overboard and paints on herself with her super-indelible-never-comes-off-till-you’re-dead markers.Nothing will remove the color, so she finds the purple marker and covers up all the other colors. She looks better than before–too good to be true. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a marker. Retelling sheets are due back to school by Wednesday. Below is a link to the official Robert Munsch website. On the site, children can listen to Robert Munsch read his stories. If you would like to visit his site, just click on the picture below. Also, don’t forget you can leave your retelling here as a comment.

3 thoughts on “April 15, 2013: Book Treasure Book

  1. Brigid wants to draw with markers, Her Mom gets her the washable and the smelly ones. She uses them awhile and gets bored. Her mom then gets her the markers that do not wash off. She gets bored with them and gets marker all over herself. Her mom takes her to the doctor and she gets a pill that washes it all off. She tells her Mom that she also painted her Dad, and he will be okay as long as he doesn’t get wet. Though he does.

  2. A girl name Bridget wanted some new coloring markers and her mother said no because she heard about those coloring markers and kids draw on the walls and themselves also floors but Bridget bribed her mom and her mom got all them (500 ,500,500 makes 1,500) and Bridget start to draw herself and she said she will not but guess what she did and all the colors on her she tired to color it in but her seen her do it the doctor came and gave her a pile and turned her back to normal .

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