May 10, 2013: Book Treasure Book

This week, we read The Tiny Seed, for our Book Treasure Book. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, their envelope, and we planted a sunflower seed in a cup for our treasure. Retelling sheets are due back by next Tuesday. Don’t forget, you can leave your retelling here as a comment. Just click on the video below if you want to listen to the story again.

6 thoughts on “May 10, 2013: Book Treasure Book

  1. In autumn, some seeds and a tiny seed flew across the air. One went up into the sun rays and burned. One drown in the ocean. One went into the hot desert and one went on a mountain. In spring, all the rest went on the ground. One landed under a giant weed and than it died. One got stepped on and one got picked and all the was left was the tiny seed. It grew to be very large as big as the sun! People, birds and animals started to visit it. In autumn, all its petals flew off into the wind and than tiny seeds popped out of the flower. The End.

  2. Ivy says:once there was a tiny seed and it flyed in the air sooo high with the other seeds one fall in a lake one got ate one fall undergound and then spring came three plant gorw one got steped on one got picked one onne gorw so high

  3. The tiny seed is about the life cycle of a plant. In autumn the wind is blowing seeds across the land. One seed gets burned by the sun and the others carries on. Another seed flies over the ocean and drowns, one seed drifts down to the desert and can’t grow. The next seed falls on the ground. Winter comes and the seed is covered by the snow. Once, its spring the sun shines and rain falls and the seed grows into a plant. A weed grows next to it bigger and faster and takes the sun and rain from it. Warm weather the kids come out to play and one of the plants breaks. The tint plant grows fast and buds into a flower. The tiny plants grows taller that people or the houses and trees. Once Autumn comes back the petals fall off and the wind blows the seeds and the whole life cycle of a plant starts over.

  4. G’loni Says,
    One day really strong wind blew so may seed and one was tiny and the tiny seed and the other one’s Kept on going and one fall into a lake and one fall, onto a really cold mountian ,and one got eaten by a alogator ,and the other they landed on the grass and got Stepped on and one got picked and one die because a big plant and the tiny seed grew and grew and it was as big as a tree that autumn the seed’s came off and blew away .THE END

  5. There is a tiny seed and the wind blows it and the others. Some drop out, and the rest fall. By the time they grow, one gets stepped on, the other gets picked when it grows, and the tiny seed just stayed there. It kept growing and growing and growing. It became bigger than lots of things. Then Winter came and the seeds fell and the wind blew it all over again.

  6. I like when the little seed turned into a gigantic sunflower and it grew bigger than the people.

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