May 17, 2013: Book Treasure Book

This week we read Super Supper for our book treasure book. Today, your child should have brought home a retelling sheet, their envelope and a little snake. This is a great book for sequencing events. Students can retell the order that the snake ate the animals. Sorry, I couldn’t find a recording or video of the book…, you’re on your own this week! Don’t forget, if you would like to leave your retelling here, just click on comment and don’t forget to write “blog” on your retelling sheet. Retelling sheets are due by Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “May 17, 2013: Book Treasure Book

  1. One day a snake was hungry for supper so he went off to find some food. He found a mouse and the mouse went “squeak squeak” and the snake went “ssssupper”. Then he opened his mouth a little bit and swallowed the mouse.
    Then he found a goat and the goat went ” ma ma” and the snake went “sssupper”. Then the snake opened his mouth a little bit wider and ate the goat, horns and all. Next he came across to chimps and they went ” eat eat” and the snake went “sssupper”. Then the snake opened his mouth very wide and ate the two chimps. Then he came across a tiger and the tiger went “growl growl” and the snake went “ssssupper”. Then he opened his mouth very wide and ate the tiger. Last he came across an elephant carrying a log and the elephant said “you can’t eat me I’m too big”. The snake said “sssupper” and opened his mouth the widest EVER and the elephant put the log in his mouth. Than all the animals came running out and than the elephant kicked the log out of the snakes mouth and the mouth went plop. Than he was done with dinner and went off to look for breakfast.

  2. G’loni says
    one day as snake was looking for supper soon he met a mouse and he ate the mouse.then he ate two monkeys.a lion and aand soon he was still hungry so he came across an elaphant soon he was going to eat the elaphant then the
    elaphant put an sick in the snake’s mouth.

  3. Once there lived a hungry snake, who wanted food.Well, he was walking and he found a mouse, some chips, and more. Then he saw an elefant. The elefant said “I bet you can’t eat me!” So the snake opened big and the snake got a log in his mouth! the elefant put all the aniimals out and the snake went away. The End.

  4. First the snake ate the mouse and then the tiger. The snake tried to open his mouth and eat the elephant. The elephant put a stick in the snakes mouth and freed all the animals. The snake was hungry all over again.

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