May 27, 2013: Book Treasure Book

Last Friday we read Balloon Farm for our book treasure book. Retelling sheets and envelopes are due by Wednesday this week. If your child would like to leave their retelling here as a comment they may do so and just write “blog” on their retelling sheet.

4 thoughts on “May 27, 2013: Book Treasure Book

  1. Harvey Potter was a strange man indeed. He even grew a balloon farm. No one knows how he did it. In his field, there was monster balloons, grassy green balloons and every other kind of balloon in the world. No one knows what he used for seeds. Some one called the government to check it out. They studied a balloon and it popped. So they said it was fine and Harvey kept growing balloons. Everyone was mighty happy. Except for the one person who called on him, he was sore. So the I got mighty interested in Harvey Potter. So I spent some time learning about him and he was mighty nice and even let some people think aloud if they wanted too. I got mighty endented to that sycamore tree, so I spied on him at night and it was mighty strange how he made the balloons. The next morning I went to the field to admire his work and he we became mighty good friends.

  2. G’loni Says
    My favorite part was when Harvey Patter made the girl a BBIIGG! Baloon for her.

  3. Harvey Potter had a balloon farm and a little girl was curious to see how he grew balloons on his farm; no one knew what he used for seed.People in the town didn’t understand so they called the government on him. The men from the government came and poked at the balloons and they popped. The government men were satisfied and left. The girl wanted to know more about Harvey Potter so she brought him lemonade and sat with him on his swing. He never did tell the girl anything about the balloons. She decided one night to climb up in the tree and watch him. She was amazed when he went into the field with his stick and he began to dance with the stick and it began to glow. When he was done he called back for the stick and it floated back to him. The next day, the girl went out to see all the new balloons that were beginning to grow. Harvey said she could take some balloons. Harvey grew her a balloon and she floated away on it and now she has a balloon farm of her own. I learned that it isn’t right to snoop on somebody.

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