June 2, 2013: Book Treasure Book

On Friday, we read The Rainbow Fish as our Book Treasure book. Your child should have brought home a piece of foil to represent the shiny scale, a retelling sheet and their envelope. Retelling sheets are due back to school by Tuesday. Don’t forget that you can leave your retelling here as a comment. If you choose this option, please write “blog” on the retelling sheet and return it to school.

4 thoughts on “June 2, 2013: Book Treasure Book

  1. The rainbow fish was the prettiest fish in all the ocean with shiny glittery scales. One day he saw a blue fish who asked for one of his shiny scales. The rainbow fish said “no, get away from me”. From that day on no fish would look at him. So the rainbow went to the starfish to ask for advice. The star fish told him to go to the wise octopus. When the rainbow fish got to the dark cave, the octopus told him to give one scale to every fish to be happy. The rainbow said he couldn’t but the octopus had already left. Than out of no where the blue fish came back and said “please don’t be angry I just want one tiny scale”. So the rainbow fish thought about it and finally gave him one tiny scale. Than he gave every fish in the ocean one scale too. After that all the fish played with him and the rainbow fish was finally happy.

  2. My favorite part is when the rainbow fish gave out his scales. That was nice of him to do that.

  3. The rainbow fish was the most beautiful fish in the ocean. All the other fish would look at the rainbow fish and admired her beauty. Until one day, a blue fish asked the rainbow fish for a shiny scale. The rainbow fish was shocked that the blue fish would ask for such a favor. Once the rainbow fish said no, all the other fish would admire the rainbow fish as it swam by everyday. This made the rainbow fish very sad. She went to go talk to a starfish and asked why don’t they like me? The starfish didn;t know and told her to go see the octopus. The octopus told the rainbow fish to share her shiny scales with the other fish and she will become happy. The blue fish came back up to the rainbow fish and ask for one of her shiny scales, she gave it to him and realized that it wasn’t so bad.She became happy and gave all of her shiny scales away. The rainbow fish had a lot of new friends and was happy even though she didn’t have her shiny scales anymore. I learned that it is nice to share with your friends it makes you a beautiful person inside and out.

  4. There was a fish that had pretty shiny scales. A blue fish asked to have one of the scales. He said no, and the other fish wouldn’t talk to him. He asked the octopus what to do. He then shared his scales with the little blue fish and the other fish. Then he had only one scale left, and he was happy and went to play with the other fish.

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