September 25, 2013: Heart Maps

Last week we worked on Ideas in writing. We have been learning how to come up with writing ideas, and then how to keep our writing narrowed down to a specific topic or small moment. We read a story called, The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli. In the story, a little girl is trying to write the best story ever. She goes around asking her family what makes a good story. They all have different ideas of what makes a good story and they all tell her to add different things, such as humor and romance. Finally, she asks her mom what makes a good story? Her mom tells her that a good story comes from your heart. Today we talked about that, and then we each made our own “heart map”. Inside a big heart, we wrote down things that are important to us and close to our heart. We also drew some little pictures. Below are a few examples of our “heart maps.” Click on one to see a bigger picture of it.

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