October 14, 2013: Spelling~Unit 6

We are working on Unit 6 in spelling this week. Your child should have brought home their pretest today. Please make sure that your child is studying those 6 words. Also, a lot of students are mixing up there and their. Please make sure that your child understands the meaning of each word. These words will keep showing up on future tests. This week’s skill is working with homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different meanings and spellings. Please make sure your child cuts out the cards and practices the words. They need to bring back the top of the sheet with a parent signature saying that they practiced the words. Below is a game to practice using homophones. To play the game, just click on the picture.

THIS WEEK’S SPELLING WORDS ARE:  into, has, more, her, two, other

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