November 2, 2013: Book Treasure Book

Yesterday we  read The Biggest Leaf Pile, written by Steve Metzger for our Book Treasure book.  It is a cute story about when all the autumn leaves want to be on top of the biggest leaf pile. Then, when a big bear jumps on the pile, the leaves learn an important lesson. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a fall leaf. Please have your child retell the story on the paper and bring it and the envelope back to school by Wednesday (since there is no school on Tuesday). The fall leaf stays at home in their treasure box. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the title below.

The Biggest Leaf Pile

2 thoughts on “November 2, 2013: Book Treasure Book

  1. I love your website!! How do you use “treasure books and treasure boxes”? The books you read are great. Also, what are the self esteem projects of the month they do? And one more question if you don’t mind….what websites do you use to find practice activities/ideas. I started Daily 5 this year and I’m always looking for new ideas. I have been teaching for 15 years in second grade and like to do different things. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing;)

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