November 17, 2013: Weekly Reminders

TIMELINES: The timeline project for social studies is due on Monday. We will be cutting them apart and putting the timelines together, so please don’t forget yours!!!

MATH TEST: We will be taking our first trimester math test on Thursday. Please help your child prepare for the test by having them complete the practice packet, this is due on Thursday. They can also go onto IXL math to practice one digit addition and subtraction and time. Finally, they can come on the blog and practice some of the games that I have put on here over the past few weeks.

NO SCHOOL: There is no school this Friday due to Record’s day. Since there is no school on Friday, the fluency homework will be due on Thursday. You can just cross off the Thursday boxes, but please make sure you do the back side!!!!

SPELLING: We will not be doing another spelling unit until after Thanksgiving.

CANNED FOOD DRIVE: The canned food drive will be starting on Monday and will end on Wednesday. Collected items will be donated to  needy Fraser families. I will be giving 2 Eagle Bucks for each item brought in!!!

IXL MATH: Prizes will be given out every Monday to the students who completed the most problems and spent the most time on IXL math. We just reached 2000 problems and 20 hours practicing as a class!! Classroom time and time spent on IXL at home, will be combined for our prizes. I encourage students to go on several times a week to work on the standards that were sent home a few weeks ago.

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