March 22, 2014: Book Treasure Book

Friday we read the story Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon for our book treasure. I am going to try something new with the response sheet from now on. I will still send home the response sheet to fill out like normal or your child can record their response on the blog in the comment section. Just write “blog” across the response sheet so I know to look it up on-line. Please look for the book on the blog and comment under the book. If you have any questions just let me know! This week our book treasure is Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon. It is a wonderful story about being yourself and standing up for yourself. Take a peek at the video.

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  1. Molly Lou Melon
    Molly Lou Melon stood a little taller than her dog and she was the shortest one in the first grade. Her Grandma told her to just stand as all as you can and people will look up to you. Molly Lou Melon did just as her grandma told her. Molly Lou Melon had big front teeth but her grandma told her to just keep smiling and she did. Molly Lou Melon had a bad voice but her grandma told her to sing loud and she did. Molly Lou Melon was clumsy but her grandma told her to believe in herself and she did. Molly Lou Melon then had to move to a new place and had to leave her grandma behind. On the first day of school a boy called her names but during the football game Molly Lou Melon caught the ball and scored a goal. The same boy the next day made fun of her big teeth but Molly Lou Melon showed the kids how she can stack pennies on her teeth and they loved it. The boy again felt silly, but on the third day he made fun of Molly Lou Melons voice and she made a loud sound back to him and made him fall and get hurt but all the kids were happy the mean boy was gone for the day. On the fourth day of school Molly Lou Melon made a beautiful snow flake and all the kids loved it even the mean boy who had made fun of her before. On the fifth day of school the mean boy gave Molly Lou Melon some pennies for stacking, that night when she got home she wrote a letter to her grandma to tell her everything she said was right.

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