March 3, 2014: Green Eggs and Ham

Today, we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday. We had a wonderful breakfast of green eggs and ham, toast, fruit and orange juice. Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who send in items. A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Lenn and Taylor’s grandma for coming in and cooking for us.

March 2, 2014: Reading Olympics

During the month of March, your child will be the Olympian! Our 2nd Grade Reading Olympics will consist of six events. The Reading Olympic event can be completed at home and/or during free times at school. (indoor recess, after schoolwork has been completed, Daily 5 time etc.) All materials for each event will be available in this packet as well as in the classroom. You are free to take more materials home as you complete the events. There is no limit to how many times you may do an event.

Just like the Olympians competing in Sochi do their very best in every event, the QUALITY of your work matters! Please do your best the first time so that you don’t have to go back and fix things before you receive your tickets. 

On March 31st we will celebrate your achievements with an Olympic Closing Ceremony!! At this ceremony, you will be able to shop at the Olympic Souvenir shop with the tickets you’ve earned. More details about the Closing Ceremony to come! 

We are a TEAM! That means we need every single person working hard throughout the entire Olympics.



    • Reading calendar needs to be turned in every Fri. during the month of March so you can earn your tickets and so our total class minutes can be added together!
      • 50 minutes = 1 ticket, 100 minutes = 2 tickets
      • If our class minutes reach 10,000 minutes the class will earn a VERY special surprise!!


    • Listen, read, and take quizzes on different books.
    • I can see who logged on during the previous week, and I will pass out tickets accordingly every Monday.
      • Log on to Raz-Kids=1 ticket


    • You will pick  a character out of a book that your are reading and “Step Inside” them during or after you have read the book. Be sure to draw them and answer each questiond on the back of the paper in complete sentences before you turn it in!
      • 1 Step Inside = 5 tickets


    • Using the page attached, write about a book you read that you think others will really enjoy. Be sure to tell us why the book is so great!
      • 1 book recommendation=1 ticket
    • You may retell a story you read orally to a parent. Parent signature required if done orally  SEE “RETELLING TICKETS”
    • You may also write down a retelling of a story
      • Every complete*, quality retelling=7 tickets

* A complete retelling must include the following:              

                                    Parts of a retelling:

  1. Title
  2. Main Character
  3. Other characters
  4. Setting-where and when
  5. Important details
  6. Time words
  7. Theme
  8. Problem & Solution

Quality Control

  1. Capital letters
  2. Ending marks
  3. Complete sentences
  4. Best handwriting


    • You may write a book about anyting you would like! Use your imagination!!
    • You may choose to publish this book in your very best handwriting or you can type it!
    • Remember to use your “RESPONSIBLE WRITING CHECKLIST” before turning it in.
    • Be sure to add illustration! If it is a nonfiction book, perhaps mom or dad could help you find real pictures online!
      • Each book that is written and illustrated = 10 tickets


March 2, 2014: Weekly Reminders

MARCH SELF-ESTEEM PROJECT: The lucky shamrocks are due Monday. Also, the gold coin for your favorite book is due tomorrow.

GYM/LIBRARY: We have Gym on Tuesday, please don’t forget to wear/bring your tennis shoes. We have library on Friday, don’t forget to bring your books back.

BOOK TREASURE: The retelling sheet for Green Eggs and Ham and your envelope is due by Tuesday.

FIELD TRIP MONEY DUE: If you have not turned the $3.00 for the bus fee for our field trip to the Macomb Performing Arts Center, please make sure you bring it by Friday.

MARCH IS READING MONTH: Monday is Dress Like your Favorite Character Day. Tuesday id Warm Up with a Good Book Day,  wear your jogging or warm up suit to school. Friday, share your research about an Olympian with the class (this is optional, only if you want to do it).

READING LOGS:  Don’t forget to bring your reading log to school on Friday to earn your prizes. (Make sure it is signed).