April 28, 2014: Mad Lib App

Today, students reviewed parts of speech using an app called Mad Libs. Students added words, parts of speech, to premade stories. If you would like to read our silly stories, just click on the link below to get to or classroom weebly. There is a pause button in the top left corner of each story. You can press the pause button to stop the slide show, so that you can read each story.


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April 28, 2014: Spelling~Unit 23

This week we are working on Unit 23 in Spelling. Today, your child should have brought home their spelling pretest. Please help your child study these 6 words that will be on the test on Friday. Your child should have also brought home their spelling homework. This week’s skills is working with plurals and the rules for s, es, and ies. Please remember that spelling homework is due back to school by Friday. If you would like to practice this week’s skill, just click on the picture below to play a game.

THIS WEEK’S WORDS ARE:  great, tell, men, say, small, around

April 28, 2014: Book Treasure Book

This past Friday we read Purple, Green and Yellow,written by Robert Munsch as our book treasure book. In this book,  Brigid is having fun with her markers until she goes overboard and paints on herself with her super-indelible-never-comes-off-till-you’re-dead markers.Nothing will remove the color, so she finds the purple marker and covers up all the other colors. She looks better than before–too good to be true. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a marker. Retelling sheets are due back to school by Wednesday. Below is a link to the official Robert Munsch website. On the site, children can listen to Robert Munsch read his stories. If you would like to visit his site, just click on the picture below. Also, don’t forget you can leave your retelling here as a comment.

April 21, 2014: Weekly Reminders

GYM: We have Gym class on Tuesday,  don’t forget your tennis shoes.

BOOK TREASURE BOOK: Don’t forget, your retelling sheet for Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble is due tomorrow.

SPORT’S DAY: Wednesday will be Sport’s Day. This is Mr. Metty’s prize for those students who met the reading goal all four weeks for March is Reading Month. We will be going outside for an hour in the morning to participate in different sports activities. Don’t forget to wear your favorite sports apparel to school on this day.

RED WING DAY: Thursday will be Red Wing Day. To show our support four the Red Wings, please wear your Red Wing apparel to school. If you don’t have anything to wear, wear red and white.

SPELLING: Because of the shortened week, we will not be doing a spelling unit this week. We will resume our spelling units on Monday.

LIBRARY: We have library on Friday, don’t forget your books!

April 20, 2014: Book Treasure Book

On Thursday, we read Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble written by Hans Wilhelm. When three hungry foxes decide to make rabbit stew out of all the bunnies gathered for a birthday party, Ralph saves them with the best soccer kick he has ever done. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a small flannel bunny today. Please help your child write a detailed retelling of the story. Retelling sheets and the envelopes are due back to school by next Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the picture below.

April 20, 2014: Jelly Bean Graphing

On Thursday, we did a fun activity with jelly beans. We started off by getting a cup of jelly beans. Then we sorted them by color on a jelly bean mat. Next we had to count how many of each color we had and then colored it in on a bar graph. Then, we had to write fractions for how many of each color we had. Finally, we got to eat them….yummy!!!

April 20, 2014: HURRAY!!!

Well, we have been waiting for weeks and they finally came!!! Our book that we had published, finally arrived at school this week. The kids were sooooo excited to get them and to read them. I purchased 2 books for our classroom and 1 for the library. So, anyone that didn’t order one, can read the ones in the classroom or they can check out the one that is in the library.


April 20, 2014: March is Reading Month

To finish off March is Reading Month, all of the second grades went into the media center for our closing ceremonies. The students who met the reading goal for all four weeks were recognized. They received a certificate and a medal. We also recognized the student in each class who earned the most tickets for doing the reading activities. Our winner was Taylor. Congratulations everyone!!!

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