April 20, 2014: Book Treasure Book

On Thursday, we read Bad, Bad Bunny Trouble written by Hans Wilhelm. When three hungry foxes decide to make rabbit stew out of all the bunnies gathered for a birthday party, Ralph saves them with the best soccer kick he has ever done. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a small flannel bunny today. Please help your child write a detailed retelling of the story. Retelling sheets and the envelopes are due back to school by next Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the picture below.

One thought on “April 20, 2014: Book Treasure Book

  1. I was having some problems watching the video, probably on my end. Mackenzie could only remember the beginning of the story. Hope this is ok
    Ralph just loved to play soccer and he could play all day long. Ralph’s mom called him inside because he had to get ready for his sister’s birthday party but when he came inside he was very dirty. His mother told him to get upstairs and get ready; Ralph was angry and just wanted to play soccer instead of singing and playing games. Ralph finally came down to the party and really wanted coffee cake instead of birthday cake. Ralph got so mad that he could not have coffee cake that he spit on the birthday cake and he got in big trouble and had to go to the attic. Ralph didn’t really mind going to the attic because he thought he could work on his soccer moves with no one bothering him. Then he heard three mean foxes outside the window and they were singing a very mean song. Everyone was so scared at the party that they locked all the doors and hid in the cellar and they forgot about Ralph being in the attic. Ralph was scared so he threw something out the window and the foxes started to slide everywhere and were covered in gooey eggs. They saw Ralph in the window

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