April 28, 2014: Book Treasure Book

This past Friday we read Purple, Green and Yellow,written by Robert Munsch as our book treasure book. In this book,  Brigid is having fun with her markers until she goes overboard and paints on herself with her super-indelible-never-comes-off-till-you’re-dead markers.Nothing will remove the color, so she finds the purple marker and covers up all the other colors. She looks better than before–too good to be true. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a marker. Retelling sheets are due back to school by Wednesday. Below is a link to the official Robert Munsch website. On the site, children can listen to Robert Munsch read his stories. If you would like to visit his site, just click on the picture below. Also, don’t forget you can leave your retelling here as a comment.

2 thoughts on “April 28, 2014: Book Treasure Book

  1. Bridget went to her mom and said I need some markers, my friends all have the coloring markers and I want some. Bridget’s mom said “no” because she heard that kids draw walls, on the floor and even on themselves. Well they have some that wash off with water, can I have those and her mom said yes. Bridget’s mom got her 500 markers that could wash off and Bridget went to her room and started coloring with them. The lemons were yellower than yellow, the roses were redder than red and the, oranges that were oranger than orange. After a week Bridget got bored and went to her mom and said I didn’t draw on the wall, the floor or myself and her mom said you are right. I would like to have some coloring markers that smell so good and I really need them. So her mom went out and got her those smelly markers and Bridget again went to her room to draw. She drew lemons that smelled like lemons, roses that smelled like roses, oranges that smelled like oranges and cow poop that smelled like cow poop. Her mom was so impressed but again after a week Bridget got bored and she again asked her mom if she drew on the wall, floor or herself and her mom again said “no”. I need some new markers and they are the best they never come off and so her mom got her these never come off markers. Bridget drew for weeks and again drew lemons, roses, oranges and sunsets and they look better than they ever did before. Bridget got bored again and wanted to draw on something else, but I won’t color on the walls, floor or myself but I can color my fingernails. Bridget said her mom even colors her fingernails, so she did. All her fingers were purple, hands were yellow and face was purple, and before she knew it she was all different colors. She freaked out and tried to wash it off but it would not come off. She decided to get the marker that matched her skin and she colored herself and she look great. She came down for dinner and her mom made her wash her hands and the special color came off and her mom freaked out because Bridget looked like a crazy rainbow. Bridget’s mom called the Dr and he said “oh no” but came right over and gave her a pill and told her to take it wait 5 minutes then get in the bath. So Bridget did what the Dr. said it worked everything was coming off but now she is invisible. Her mom freaked again and said you can’t go to school like this, you can’t live like this but Bridget knew what to do. She went and got the marker that matched her skin and colored her self again and she looked perfect. Her mom said that she could not live life like a picture and Bridget said well I colored dad and you didn’t notice, and her mom was shocked to learn that. She said as long as dad does not get wet he will be fine.

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