October 19, 2014: Book Treasure Book

This week our Book Treasure book was Stellaluna. On Friday, your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a bat ring. The bat ring should go in their treasure chests to help remind them of the story. The retelling sheet and envelope are due back to school by Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again before you do your written retelling just click on the play button below. If you would like to leave your retelling here as a comment, just click on the word “comment” below the video. On the retelling sheet, write the word “blog” and turn it in to me by Tuesday,

5 thoughts on “October 19, 2014: Book Treasure Book

  1. Stellaluna was flying with her mom and an owl striked. She fell into a bird’s nest. She learned to be like a bird. She found her mom and she learned to live like a bat. She tried to show her friends how to be like a bat. Different friends are fine.

  2. Stellaluna was a baby bat who was flying with her mom and an owl stuck them and Stellaluna fell in a birds nest. She was hanging by her feet. Stellaluna had to eat things that birds eat and they were very “yucky”. Stellaluna learned how to fly like a bird but she couldnt land on her feet. One day stellaluna and her friends were flying and it was getting late and her bird friends wanted to go home but stellaluna wanted to keep flying. Thats when stellaluna found her mom. Stellaluna told her mom anout all of things she learned from her bird friends. Stellaluna’s mom told her about the amazing fruit tree and she ate alot of fruit. Stellaluna also found out that she was able to fly in the dark and couldn’t wait to tell her bird friends! But stellalunas bird friends couldn’t see in the dark!! Stellaluna had to help them, so she flew to their rescue and landed on her feet. The bird said “why are we so different?” Being friends with different people/animals is always good.

  3. There was a lady who was not afraid of anything. one day she was walking through the forest but she was not scared and kept walking. then she herd another noise and she was not scared again. she herd three more noises nd one she was afraid of. it was a pumpkin that went boo boo boo.

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