October 26, 2014:

This week our Book Treasure book was, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, written by Linda Williams. On Friday, your child should have brought home their retelling sheet and their Book Treasure envelope. The treasure this week was made by the students, it’s a standing forest with the things that the little old lady saw, glued on in the order that she saw them. They also have a puppet of the little old lady to move through the forest.  Please make sure that the retelling sheet and envelope  are returned to school by next Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story, please click on the video below.  Thanks and enjoy listening to your chid’s retelling of the story.

4 thoughts on “October 26, 2014:

  1. Once there was a lady who wasn’t afraid of anything, she went for a walk in the woods and she saw two shoes go “clomp, clomp”. The lady said “I’m not afraid of you” and kept walking. Then she saw one pair of pants wiggling. She said “I’m not afraid of you” and kept on walking while the shoes and pants followed her. Next she saw a shirt go “shake, shake”, so she told the shirt she wasn’t afraid of him and kept on walking with them all behind her. Then she saw two hands “clapping” and she told them she wasn’t afraid too. So the hands started following her too. Then she saw a hat go “nod, nod” so she said “I’m not afraid of you” and so he started following her too. Last she saw a pumpkin head who said “boo, boo” and the old lady ran home. She locked the door and she heard knocking on the door. The little lady said “I’m not afraid” so she opened the door. The shoes, pants, shirt, gloves, hat and pumpkin head tried to scare her but they couldn’t. So the lady gave them an idea to scare someone and the next day they were a scare-a-crow.

  2. There was a little lady who wasn’t afarid of anything. One day she was walking in the forest and she heard a clump, clump and seen a pair of shoes. She said I am not afraid of you and moved on, she then seen a pair of pants that went wiggle, wiggle but she was not afraid and kept moving. There now was a shirt, which went shake, shake the pants went wiggle, wiggle and the shoes went clump, clump, the old lady kept walking. Next, there were two white gloves clapping, the shirt was shaking, pants were wiggling and the shoes were still clumping behind her. She then seen a hat that went nod, nod, but she still wasn’t afraid. All of those things followed behind the little old lady who wasn’t afraid of anything. She begin to walk fast and seen a pumpkin head that said ” boo, boo” so she decided to run until she got home. There was a knocking at the door, so she answered the door because she is not afraid of anything. It was the shoes, pants, shirt, gloves, hat and pumpkin head that tried to scare her but they couldn’t. The old lady gave them an idea to scare someone else. The next morning the little old lady looked out of her window and saw all of the things that tried to scare her in her garden scaring the crows.

  3. a litl old late was walking thro the forest and she saw two shoes. and the shoes went clup clomp. she was afraid. she ran to the house. she figured it out by maken a scarkrow with all of the clos.

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