October 21, 2014: Word Clouds

Today we did a project in an app called Word Cloud. The kids had to come up with 10 verbs. They typed their 10 verbs and then typed their name 3 times (the more times a word is typed, the bigger the word gets). Then they could pick their layout, color, and font. Take a look at our slide show by clicking on the picture below to get to our classroom weebly,


October 20, 2014: Harder Mad Minutes

Last week we started our harder mad minutes. These are addition problems with sums greater than 10. Many students are struggling with these. Please consider purchasing some addition flash cards and have your child practice a few minutes each night. I have also found a fun game to practice these harder facts. To play the game, just click on the picture below. Once at the website, click on “practice facts 1-10.”

October 19, 2014: Mystery Reader

On Friday, we were lucky enough to have India’s dad come in to be our Mystery Reader. A HUGE thank you to him for taking time out of his day to come and read to us!

October 19, 2014: Spelling~Unit 7

This week we are working on Unit 7 in spelling. The pretest and homework sheet should have come home today. Please help your child study for the test on Friday. This week our tests will go from 10 words to 12 words. This week’s spelling skill is working with the endings; s, ed, and ing. If you would like to practice this skill, you can click on the picture below to go to a game called, Fish ‘Em Up.

THIS WEEK’S SPELLING WORDS ARE: like, him, see, time, could, your

October 19, 2014: Book Treasure Book

This week our Book Treasure book was Stellaluna. On Friday, your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a bat ring. The bat ring should go in their treasure chests to help remind them of the story. The retelling sheet and envelope are due back to school by Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again before you do your written retelling just click on the play button below. If you would like to leave your retelling here as a comment, just click on the word “comment” below the video. On the retelling sheet, write the word “blog” and turn it in to me by Tuesday,

October 19, 2014: Weekly Reminders

BOOK TREASURE BOOK: Our book treasure book last Friday was Stellaluna. The retelling sheet and envelope are due back to school by Tuesday. If your child would like to listen to the story again, just click on the link in the post above. Also, if your child would like to leave their retelling as a comment they may do that on the post above by clicking on “comment”. On the retelling sheet, just write “blog” and have your child return that to school by Tuesday.

GYM: We have gym on Tuesday. Each week we are having at least one student forget to wear tennis shoes. Please make sure that your child wears or brings tennis shoes. If they don’t have them, they have to sit out the entire gym class and our class loses points for the day.

LIBRARY: We started library on Friday. We will be going every Friday from now on. In second grade, students are allowed to check out two books. If your child does not bring back both books, they will not be allowed to check out new books.

SUNNY D LABELS: We are still collecting Sunny D labels. Unfortunately,  we only have 6. We need to reach 20 by November 20th. If your child brings them in, I will give them 5 Eagle Bucks for each one.

October 13, 2014: Book Buddies

Last Friday, we went down to Mrs. Arnold’s room and read with our book buddies.