November 10, 2014: Weekly Reminders

NAKED TURKEYS¬†were due today. I told the kids they could still turn them in tomorrow. If they don’t have them tomorrow, they will be considered a missing assignment.

BOOK TREASURE retelling sheets are due tomorrow.

NOVEMBER BOOK ORDER forms are due tomorrow.

FIRST TRIMESTER MATH TEST: We will be taking our first trimester math test next Monday. The two skills that will be tested are adding/subtracting within 20 and telling time to 5 minute intervals. The math grades on the report card will be based on this test, so it is very important that your child is secure in these skills. Your child will be bringing home a review packet tomorrow. This will help prepare them for the test. It does not need to be returned to school.

One thought on “November 10, 2014: Weekly Reminders

  1. This is the retelling of the Biggest leaf pile.
    It was a fall day, the four leaves were talking about falling to the ground. The colors of the leaves were, red, purple, yellow and orange. As the leaves were talking about falling, just then the wind came and knocked them down. The leaves were so happy they were doing somersaults and back-flips. A bird came by flying by and told the leaves that they had the biggest leaf pile it has seen, they leaves were happy.
    Next, a bear came by and walked through the leaf pile making the leaves go everywhere. The leaves decided that they didn’t have to be the biggest pile of leaves.

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