January 24, 2015: Writing Celebration

Yesterday, we had our second writing celebration. We started off by showing our book cover, reading our title, and reading our favorite part to the entire class. Then we got into groups of 3 and read our entire stories. When we were done reading the other two people in our group told us a star and a wish, something they really liked, and something we could work on for next time. When we were done sharing, we got to have juice and cookies.

January 22, 2015: Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following students who completed the December homework calendar. They received Eagel Bucks, a grab from our candy jar, and a certificate. Congratulations to: Peter, Devon, Lillyan, Chyenne, Matthew, Max and Giovanni!!


Also, congratulations to the students who earned the Pizza Hut coupon from reading in December:  Max, Noor, Jacob, Matthew, Chyenne, and Devon….Way to go guys!!!


January 22, 2015: Goal Setting

This week we started goal setting in reading and math. For reading, the kids will be picking a reading strategy from our CAFE board and working on it for the week. After picking their strategy, they put their frog, with their picture on it, on the CAFE board. They wrote their strategy on a  sticky note and will keep it in their book baskets. For math, they picked a goal for their Mad Minutes. They wrote their goal on a sticky note and put in on our Mad Minute Goal board. They also wrote their goal on the top of their Mad Minute graph, so that they will have it with them at their desk. Ask your child what their goals are for the week!



January 22, 2015: Fish Celebration

Today we had our second fish celebration. We celebrated 4 students who exhibit the 4 parts of the fish philosophy: play, choose your attitude, make their day, and be there. The four students who we celebrated were: Iman, Devon, Lana and Elijah. Way to go guys, we are so proud of you!!!

January 22, 2015: Math Games

This week we started Unit 5 in Math. This unit will focus on geometry. The kids were excited to have some new geometry games to play during our Math Menu time.