2-27-15: Book Treasure Book

Yesterday we read The Leprechaun’s Gold for our book treasure book. The story centers around the King’s contest to choose the best harpist in the land. Young Tom is sure he can beat out Old Pat. The lad goes as far as to break the poor old fellow’s harp string on their journey to the event. It seems that all is lost until Pat stops to answer a leprechaun’s cry for help. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a shamrock to put in their treasure chest. Retelling sheets are due back to school by next Tuesday. Don’t forget, you can do your retelling right here. Just click on comments, below this post and leave your retelling. If you choose to do it on here, just write ‘blog” on your retelling sheet and turn it in by Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the picture below.

2-26-15: Flying Paper Airplanes

Today in science we got to make our own paper airplanes. Then we took them out in the hallway and took turns flying them. We measured the distance that they traveled. Tomorrow we are going to make alterations to our planes to see if it will help them fly further.

2-25-15: Activity Tables

Today we got to use our new activity tables. During Word Work time, the kids could chose to use the little tables to do their word work on. They seemed to really like having the choice to sit somewhere other than their desks!!

2-25-15: Measuring Matters

We have been working on our Measuring Matters unit in Science. Yesterday, we made predictions as to whether items would roll or slide down a ramp. Then we tried each item to see what they would do. Then we got into groups and built our own ramps. Each group got a bag of items and we slid or rolled them down the ramp. Then we used a tape measure to measure the distance that the items traveled.

2-24-15: Spelling~ Unit 18

This week we are working on Unit 18 in Spelling. Please, don’t forget to visit Spelling City to play some games with this week’s words. Also remember, our spelling words are recycled, which means they are used over and over throughout the year. This week’s spelling skill is working with digraphs. A digraph is when two letters come together to make a new sound. If you would like to play a game with digraphs, just click on the picture below to get to the website. Spelling homework is due by Friday this week.

THIS WEEK”S SPELLING WORDS ARE:   another, came, come, work, three, around

2-23-15: Cold Day Suggestions

Wow!! It’s hard to believe that we are on our third cold day with no school!! I know that the kids can get antsy and bored being stuck in the house on these cold days. Here are a few things to do today, nothing is required, just suggested:-)

Last Wednesday, I taught the kids how to do double digit subtraction with regrouping. This is very hard for some students to understand. It would be a good idea today, to have your child watch the instructional video and the subtraction rap video in the posts below. Then print off the attached worksheet and have them complete it. If they bring this in tomorrow, I will give them 5 Eagle Bucks.


Have them go on and do their Xtra math for today. We usually do this every morning. It only takes a few minutes and it is great for their fact fluency. They should have their log in information that I sent home at the beginning of the year. Here is a link to the site: Xtra Math

They could also go onto Dreambox. This is great for math practice!! It covers all of our second grade Common Core math standards. We do this several times a week at school and the kids seem to love doing it. They should have their log in information. Here is a link to the site: Dreambox

Finally, if they would like something new to read (I know their books haven’t been switched in awhile) they can go onto Razkids. We also do this several times a week at school. This site allows students to read and listen to the stories. They can also take a comprehension quiz when they are done with the story. Here is a link to that site: Razkids

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