February 8, 2015: Book Treasure Book

On Friday, we read Arthur’s Valentine as our book treasure book. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a plastic heart. Retelling sheets are due back to school by Tuesday. If your child would like to listen to the story again before they write their retelling they can watch the video below.

2 thoughts on “February 8, 2015: Book Treasure Book

  1. It was almost Valentine’s Day and everyone was in their class and they we all making boxes but Arthur because he was making a valentine for the new girl in school. Then when no one was looking he put it in her valentine’s box and when it was Valentine’s Day the new girl looked in her box she said “eww” because it said “XOXO”. Then all of Arthur’s friends said “Arthur loves you” to the new girl. When Arthur got a Valentine’s card he remembered he didn’t have a box. When he read the card it said to meet him with the name Francine erased. So Arthur meet her at the movies and Francine said “you’re here!” So Arthur sat down next to her and he said “shut your eyes and I’ll give you a big kiss”. A few minutes later Francine asked if she could open her eyes. She opened her eyes and Arthur was gone but 10 candy kisses were there.

  2. It was Valentines day and someone was sending Valentines to Arthur from a secret admirer. He continued to get Valentines but didn’t know who they were from. When the class was all making their Valentine boxes, Arthur thought it might be Sue Ellen that was sending the Valentines so he put his Valentine is Sue Ellen Valentine box and when the kids started to read their cards everyone started to laugh at Arthur because its card was lovey dovey. Arthur didn’t want to go school. He came home from school and there was a Valentine in his tree house and it had a movie ticket. He saw that is was From Francine and raced to the movies and seen Francine there and asked if he could give her a kiss. She said yes and when she opened her eyes, she say candy kisses for Francine.

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