2-23-15: Cold Day Suggestions

Wow!! It’s hard to believe that we are on our third cold day with no school!! I know that the kids can get antsy and bored being stuck in the house on these cold days. Here are a few things to do today, nothing is required, just suggested:-)

Last Wednesday, I taught the kids how to do double digit subtraction with regrouping. This is very hard for some students to understand. It would be a good idea today, to have your child watch the instructional video and the subtraction rap video in the posts below. Then print off the attached worksheet and have them complete it. If they bring this in tomorrow, I will give them 5 Eagle Bucks.


Have them go on and do their Xtra math for today. We usually do this every morning. It only takes a few minutes and it is great for their fact fluency. They should have their log in information that I sent home at the beginning of the year. Here is a link to the site: Xtra Math

They could also go onto Dreambox. This is great for math practice!! It covers all of our second grade Common Core math standards. We do this several times a week at school and the kids seem to love doing it. They should have their log in information. Here is a link to the site: Dreambox

Finally, if they would like something new to read (I know their books haven’t been switched in awhile) they can go onto Razkids. We also do this several times a week at school. This site allows students to read and listen to the stories. They can also take a comprehension quiz when they are done with the story. Here is a link to that site: Razkids

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