2-27-15: Book Treasure Book

Yesterday we read The Leprechaun’s Gold for our book treasure book. The story centers around the King’s contest to choose the best harpist in the land. Young Tom is sure he can beat out Old Pat. The lad goes as far as to break the poor old fellow’s harp string on their journey to the event. It seems that all is lost until Pat stops to answer a leprechaun’s cry for help. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a shamrock to put in their treasure chest. Retelling sheets are due back to school by next Tuesday. Don’t forget, you can do your retelling right here. Just click on comments, below this post and leave your retelling. If you choose to do it on here, just write ‘blog” on your retelling sheet and turn it in by Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the picture below.

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  1. One night there was young man and his grandpa who were on their way to a music class, for the grandpa to play his harp. And then a mean boy stole one of his strings and put it in his back pack. The grand pa then said do you have money for a new string and he said no. the grandpa was walking and heard someone yell “help, help” he went to see what is was, and a leprechaun had his foot stuck in a hole with a rabbit holding it. The leprechaun said I’ll eat you for dinner, to the rabbit. The grandpa said to the leprechaun, I wish I had money and the leprechaun said here, have my gold. The grandpa refused and to take the gold because he knows what happens to people who take leprechaun’s gold. So then the grandpa fell asleep and in the morning he got up to walk to the castle to play his harp. He won the prize for playing beautiful music.

  2. There was and old man his name was old Pat, he was good at playing harp, he was very kind old man he play his music for free, but there were also a young Tom who also was playing harp but he wants to play it for money, then the king announce that there will be a harp contest at the royal palace, the young Tom wants to win the contest so he took one string off the old Pat harp, on their way to the contest the old man heard some one asking for help, it was a leprechaun his food was stuck in a hole with a rabbit, old Pat helped him and the leprechaun gave the old Pat a gold harp while he was sleeping, then the old Pat won the contest and played a good music that each one was happy with.

  3. Old Pat played a heart. Old Pat taught young Tom how to play too. Tom thought he could play better than Pat and wanted to be paid for his gift of playing. Tom thought Old Pat was foolish for not charging for his gift. Pat thought it was the right thing to do to not charge. Tom and Pat were walking together to go to the Palace for a contest. Pat wanted Old Tom to share his food with him. Tom was mean and he waited until Pat was sleep and broke a string on his harp. When Pat saw this he was sad and Tom said he did not have any extra string for him. Pat was sad, he had no money for a new string. They heard a cry for help. Pat wanted to help but Tom said no, I do not want to miss the contest. There was a man whose foot was stuck in a rabbit hole. Pat barked like a fox at the rabbit and the rabbit let the mans foot go. Pat let the man go back to the fire with him. The man wanted to pay Pat for helping him, he was a leprechaun. Pat did not want him to pay him. When Grandpa fell asleep the leprechaun blew a whistle and little men came out of the forest with bags of gold. When the man woke up he leprechaun was gone. Old Pat went to the contest and Young Tom began to play his harp and his strings broke. Old Pat reached for his harp but there was a golden harp in his bag and the people loved the music, even young Tom. The king gave the prize to Old Pat and awarded him the title Royal Harpist of Ireland.

  4. There was an old man named Pat and a young man named Tom. They were traveling to a contest at the royal palace for playing the harp. Pat taught Tom how to play the harp and did so for free. Young Tom wanted to take his gift and charge people. Tom wanted to travel with Pat to the contest so that Pat would share his food. When Pat went to sleep Tom broke a string on his harp. When Pat saw this he was so sad. Pat heard someone cry for help. Pat wanted to help him but Tom didn’t he went on to the Palace. There was a man with his foot stuck in a rabbit hole. Pat screamed at the hole like a fox would and scared the rabbit and the man was free. He was a leprechaun. The leprechaun went back to the fire with Pat. Pat played his harp. The leprechaun whistled and little men came out of the forest with bags of gold. Pat did not want the gold. When pat went to sleep the leprechaun turned his harp to gold. Pat went to the palace for the contest and Tom was playing and his strings broke on his harp. When Pat pulled his harp out it was made into gold and he won the contest.

  5. There was a man named Pat traveling with a boy named Tom and they were headed to the royal castle. They were in a contest for playing the best harp. The two both wanted to win the contest so Tom took the string off of Pat’s harp so he would not win. Suddenly, he heard a voice so he followed it. It was a Leprechaun!!! There was rabbit holding the leprechaun’s foot. Pat came to help Tom and scared the rabbit away. The leprechaun gave Pat a new harp and turned it to gold so he could win the contest. Pat is headed to the castle and Pat begins to play and it was the best playing ever and he won the contest!

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