One thought on “March 21, 2015: Book Treasure Book

  1. There once was a girl who was born and had nothing to do, so she asked her mom if she could have some markers. Her mom went to the store and bought 500 markers! So the girl went up to her room and starting coloring beautiful pictures. Then the girls markers ran out, so she went downstairs to her mother and asked her to buy her some smelly markers. Her mother went out to buy 500 smelly markers. The girl went back up to her room and colored some more beautiful pictures. Then those markers ran out, so she went back to her mom and asked her to buy markers that never came off of you unless your dead or later. Her mother went back to the store to buy 500 markers that never came off. When she got back home, the girl went back up to her room to color more beautiful pictures. But then, she started coloring her nails and her hands too! That was so pretty, she decided to color her face and whole body with markers that would never come off! Then her mom, said time for dinner….go wash your hands. The girl told her mom that she already washed but her mom took her back in the bathroom and washed again. Then the mother saw all the markers the girl had and asked ” Did you color with the regular markers?” The girl said “nooooo”. Next the mother asked if she colored with the smelly markers and the girl said no again. Then the mother said “Did you color with the markers that never come off?!” and the girl said “Yes!” So her mother called the doctor and he came over and gave her some medicine and the markers came off!

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