3 thoughts on “March 31, 2015: Book Treasure Book

  1. Once there was a bunny who was playing soccer with his friends. His mom said ” Go clean yourself up, you have to get ready for your sister’s birthday party”. So the bunny went and got dressed and than it was time for the party. They sang songs to his sister and then it was cake time. The bunny wanted coffee cake but his mom said “no, he had to choose between the chocolate or vanilla cake”. The bunny kept on screaming ” I want coffee cake, I want coffee cake”. Then he stepped on the coffee cake and said “There! Now nobody gets it”. His mom told him to go upstairs to attic and that’s just what he did. After that some foxes came over to eat the bunnies. So everybody ran out forgetting about the bunny in the attic. The foxes tried to get the bunny they left, but the bunny was to smart and kept doing things so that they couldn’t catch him. He threw paint and egg dye on them! Finally he did a big kick and kicked a ball all the way to the barn. The ball woke up a bull and the bull hated the color red which is what the foxes paint on them was, so he chased the foxes back to the woods. Then everybody thanked the bunny and ended the party with a big soccer game.

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