May 1, 2015: Book Treasure Book

This week, we read The Tiny Seed, for our Book Treasure Book. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, their envelope, and we planted a sunflower seed in a little pot for our treasure. Retelling sheets are due back by next Tuesday. Don’t forget, you can leave your retelling here as a comment. Just click on the video below if you want to listen to the story again.

3 thoughts on “May 1, 2015: Book Treasure Book

  1. In the Autumn they were some seeds flying through the wind. They were all different sizes but there was only one that was very tiny. While they were blowing one seed fell in the desert but the others kept going. The tiny seed was flying low to the ground and another was flying to high and burnt up. The seeds went down into the ground and the winter snow felt like a soft white blanket. When spring came one seed got stepped on and the others started to grow. Someone picked the flowers so they were no more. But the little seed just kept growing until it became the biggest sunflower seed anyone had ever seen! when Autumn came again the petals started falling off and the seeds started flying through the wind again.

  2. A tiny seed cant as much stuf as the biger see. one of the seeds fall and the tiny one Dus not fall. THEN it falls. IT grows into a huge flower. IT falls to the grawnd. The seeds cum out.

  3. It was Autumn and a big wind carried the seeds away. A tiny seed was worried about keeping up with the other seeds. One seed will fly too high and get burned by the sun. The tiny seed is fine. Some seeds will land on a mountain and not grow and some seeds move on. The tiny seed is fine. Some seeds will fall into the ocean but not the tiny seed. One seed fell in the dessert and it is hot and dry it wont grow but the tiny seed moves on. The wind stopped blowing and the seeds fall to the ground and a bird eats it but not the tiny seed. Now winter has come and the seeds settle down and the snow covers them. A mouse eats some seeds but not the tiny seed. Spring has come and the snow is gone. The sun, rain and dirt help the seed grow up towards the sun. A big plant called a weed takes the sun and rain from the small plant and it dies. The tiny seed grew. The children come out to play and breaks a plant and it cannot grow. One plant has a bud and it turns to a flower, then a hand broke the flower. This made me sad. A boy picked a flower to give to a friend. A giant flower grew huge and tall. The seasons change again and the seeds fall to the ground.

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