May 15, 2015: Book Treasure Book

This week we read Super Supper for our book treasure book. Yesterday, your child should have brought home a retelling sheet, their envelope and a little snake. This is a great book for sequencing events. Students can retell the order that the snake ate the animals. Sorry, I couldn’t find a recording or video of the book…, you’re on your own this week! Don’t forget, if you would like to leave your retelling here, just click on comment and don’t forget to write “blog” on your retelling sheet. Retelling sheets are due by Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “May 15, 2015: Book Treasure Book

  1. Once there was a snake looking for supper and found a mouse, so he said “supper” and swallowed the mouse. Then he went on to look for more food and found a goat. He said “supper” and swallowed up the goat too. He continued on looking for more food and found two chimps, he swallowed them up also. His stomach was almost full but he needed more. So he found a tiger and said “supper” and ate the tiger but didn’t swallow his tail. He still needed a little more food so he found an elephant and said “super supper” but when the snake tried to eat the elephant, the elephant stuck a log in his mouth so he couldn’t close it. Then the elephant pulled the tiger’s tail and all the animals came back out! Then the snake started looking for breakfast.

  2. First the snake said he was going to eat the mouse because he was hungry and he did not care if he squeeked because his belly was empty. Next, there were two chimpanzees and he at them. Third there was a goat and the goat said, “don’t eat me because my long horns will hurt your throat and the snake said I don’t care and ate him. Then the snake saw a cheetah and the chettah said I am too big I will hurt you and the snake said, “I don’t care” and ate him anyway. An elephant came along and put a log in the snakes mouth and all the animals came out. The first animal was mouse and then the two chimpanzees and the thrid animal was the goat and the fourth animal was the cheetah and then the snake was still hungry.

  3. Mrs. Short – you continue to rock on your blog. Showing you off in my Edublogs Class.

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