3-3-15: Green Eggs and Ham

Yesterday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday. We had a wonderful breakfast of green eggs and ham, toast, fruit and orange juice. Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who sent in items. A HUGE thank you to my husband for coming in and cooking for us!!

2-25-15: Activity Tables

Today we got to use our new activity tables. During Word Work time, the kids could chose to use the little tables to do their word work on. They seemed to really like having the choice to sit somewhere other than their desks!!

November 11, 2014: Basketball Jones Assembly

Yesterday we got to see the Basketball Jones Assembly. This was our second year with Basketball Jones. It is a wonderful character building assembly. Iman, Chase, Peter, and myself were all lucky enough to get to go up and help!!

September 23, 2014: Work On Writing

Last week we learned another aspect of  Daily 5. We began “Work on Writing.” During “Work on Writing” students are writing independently around the room about what they choose to write about. We started off  just writing in our reader’s response notebooks. The students were given an activity ring to keep in their book baskets. On the ring are 12 ways to respond to texts. We have learned 3 of them; story map, favorite part, and beginning, middle, end. We did an example for each activity together as a class two weeks ago. Last week they picked from the three activities and wrote about a book that they had read from their book baskets. Students wrote at their desks, but will eventually be allowed to sit anywhere in the room and will have a choice about what they are writing about. Each day we have been building stamina, and are already up to 20 minutes!!

September 22, 2014: Treasure Books

Today we got to decorate our treasure books. We brought in stickers, pictures, and words to glue on our notebooks. These will be our writing notebooks. We will be putting all of our “treasured” stories in them. We are so excited to start using them. Here are some pictures of us decorating them. If you would like to see a picture of us with our finished products, click on Treasure Books, over on the left hand side, under pages.

May 13, 3014: Measuring Unit

For the past week, we have been enjoying our measuring unit in math. We have measured with measuring tapes, rules, meter sticks, and yard sticks. We measured different objects in our room, as well as found the perimeter of our necks and ankles. Take a look at some of our pictures.




March 24, 2014: Mr. Metty’s Visit

Today, Mr. Metty stopped into our room and read us two books for March is Reading Month. A HUGE thank you to Mr. Metty for coming in and reading to us!