3-1-15: Cookie Island

A few weeks ago we made our “Cookie Islands” as a culminating activity for our landform unit. We took a picture of our islands and put them in an app called Doodle Buddy. We used the tools in Doodle Buddy to label our different landforms that we put on our islands. Click on the word “weebly” below to get to our classroom weebly to view our Doodle Buddy creations.


2-26-15: Flying Paper Airplanes

Today in science we got to make our own paper airplanes. Then we took them out in the hallway and took turns flying them. We measured the distance that they traveled. Tomorrow we are going to make alterations to our planes to see if it will help them fly further.

2-25-15: Measuring Matters

We have been working on our Measuring Matters unit in Science. Yesterday, we made predictions as to whether items would roll or slide down a ramp. Then we tried each item to see what they would do. Then we got into groups and built our own ramps. Each group got a bag of items and we slid or rolled them down the ramp. Then we used a tape measure to measure the distance that the items traveled.

October 26, 2014: Exploring Erosion

This week in science, we explored the effect of erosion on landforms. We poured water (rain) down a hill and saw that the dirt moved down the hill with the water. Then in groups, we covered our hill with pebbles, wood chips, and leaves and made it “rain” again. We saw that these items helped keep erosion from happening.

October 13, 2014: Exploring the Effect of Rain on Landforms

Last Friday, we explored what kind of effect the rain has on different landforms. We got into groups of 4-5 and built either a mountain, hill or plateau in our sand trays. Then, we simulated rain with a cup of water and  a smaller cup with holes in it. We gently poured the water into the cup with holes and observed what was happening to our landforms. Take a look at us in action!!!

October 8, 2014: Landform Presentations

In Science, we have been learning about landforms. Last Friday, we got into five groups and became “experts” on a landform. We made a poster and then made a sand model of our landform. Yesterday, we presented our posters and models to the class, teaching then about our landform.