February 22, 2012: Awesome Alliteration Activity

Today we learned how to use alliteration in our writing. Alliteration is the use of words with the same initial letter or sound. We read a book called, Willie’s Word World. Tomorrow we will read a book called, The Big Book of Absolutely Animalistic Alliterations.  After reading the story, we practiced making our own sentences using alliteration. Here are some samples of the sentences that we came up with.

Bob broke his bones by the boat. By Brett

Lilly licked little Lexie. By Miranda

Doug’s dog digs dots. By Aubree

Will’s walrus waves to winter. By Nathan

Andrew and Andy ate an apple. By Camryn

Five frogs fiercely flipped. By Cede

Hilarious Henry hurried home. By Rakiya

January 5, 2012: Similes

Today we learned about similes and how to use them in our writing. We read a book called, Crazy Like a Fox, a Simile Story and watched a video on BrainPop Jr. We also wrote some similes about snow. We will be typing up our favorite on in the computer lab tomorrw and add clip art to it. Watch for a slide show of them coming soon.  Here is a cool simile video I found last year.

December 6, 2011: Rudolph Creative Stories

Last week we did a creative writing about Rudolph’s nose changing colors. First, we had to pick a colored pom pom out of the basket. Whatever color we picked is the color that Rudolph’s nose changed to. We had to write a story about how and why his nose changed colors. We had to incorporate all of the things that we have been learning about in writing; a bold beginning, lots of details in the middle, and a good ending. When we were done, we colored a page topper of Rudolph’s head and glued the pom pom on for his nose, then we added it to the top of our writing.  Here are a few pod-casts of our stories. Just click on the name to hear us read them.

Brett’s Rudolph Story

Cede’s Rudolph Story

Kira’s Rudolph Story

Nathan’s Rudolph Story

Olivia’s Rudolph Story

Aubree’s Rudolph Story

November 23, 2011: Writing Celebration

On Tuesday, we had our first writing celebration. We have been writing during writer’s workshop since the beginning of the year. Student’s picked their favorite story to “fix up and fancy.” During the celebration, we went into the hallway and made a big circle. Students took turns showing their covers, reading their titles, and reading their favorite sentence. Then, we went back into our room and broke off into groups of four. In our small groups, we got to share our entire story. Finally, we got to drink some juice and eat some cookies and candy corn. Great job everyone!!!

October 22, 2011: Adjective Poems

This week we read a book called, “If You Were a Writer,” written by Joan Lowery Nixon. The book is about a young girl whose mother is a writer. The girl wants to be a writer, but doesn’t know what to do. With some help from her mom, Melia begins to learn the tools of the trade. She learns how to make pictures with words, how to search for ideas, and how to start a story. In the book, Melia learns about what adjectives are and how they can help paint a picture in the reader’s mind. After further discussing what adjectives are, we wrote an adjective poem about pumpkins. Take a look at our slideshow below!!

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September 29, 2011: Heart Maps

For the past few weeks, we have been working on Ideas in writing. We have been learning how to come up with writing ideas, and then how to keep our writing narrowed down to a specific topic or idea. We read a story called, The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli. In the story, a little girl is trying to write the best story ever. She goes around asking her family what makes a good story. They all have different ideas of what makes a good story and they all tell her to add different things, such as humor and romance. Finally, she asks her mom what makes a good story? Her mom tells her that a good story comes from your heart. Today we talked about that, and then we each made our own “heart map”. Inside a big heart, we wrote down things that are important to us and close to our heart. We also drew some little pictures. Below are a few examples of our “heart maps.” Click on one to see a bigger picture of it.