Read to Self

During Read to Self time students find a quiet spot in the room; on a cushion, pillow or rug, on ┬áthe bench, in a chair or in the frog tent and they read independently. They read from their book bins which contain 10-12 just right books. This is also a great time to work on their “CAFE” reading strategies.

8 thoughts on “Read to Self

  1. They do a lot with them. Sometimes they write down their predictions, an “I wonder” statement, a question they may have, or an interesting word to add to their “Interesting Words” chart.

  2. Hey! I love your site! I love your book baskets! Where did you get them? I am going to be doing daily 5 with my 2nd graders this year and I am looking for a great way to keep their stuff together. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  3. Hello,
    I get all of my book baskets from The Dollar Tree. The first ones I had, the ones in the picture, were a thinner plastic and ended up cracking. I bought them in August and by Christmas I had to buy new ones. I ended up buying ones that are a bendable rubbery plastic, I also got them at The Dollar Tree.

  4. Hey, I have some teacher friends who will LOVE the sticky notes idea. Phooey, I missed out on it because I’m recently retired … (Strange, but I find myself still looking at all of the elementary classroom blogs with their bright, beautiful and brilliant ideas!)

  5. My classroom is small (32 x 24), but I would like to try and incorporate daily 5 into my classroom. It actually looks like your classroom is small as well, but I can’t tell. I am a fifth grade teacher, but I think this would be amazing, and even easier to implement with older students.

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