Word Work

During Word Work, students work with spelling words, word wall words, and vocabulary words. Word study allows students to experiment with words, memorize high-frequency words, generalize spelling patterns, and add to their knowledge and curiosity of unique and interesting words. Students pick a tub (activity) to take back to their seat or a quiet spot in the room. Tub activities include using play-doh, Scrabble tiles, wikki sticks, magna doodles, letter tiles, puzzles, stamps and many more.


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  1. They use spelling words for some activities. I also have folders with activities in them to use with our word wall words.

  2. I love your ideas on your site. Thanks for sharing. I am currently thinking about doing the Daily 5 in my 2/3 classroom next year. I have done some research on it. In the videos, I notice that ALL students are Reading to Self and ALL students are completing Word Work at the same time. I was going to have the students rotate through the stations. Just wondering…..

  3. This is great. I watched the video and saw a child working with cards and cubes. What were those? They looked great!

  4. I am also wondering the same thing as Karen and Sandy!

    I’m so glad you created this page! I’ve been looking at a few other blogs and I didn’t quite understand what the daily 5 was all about. I think I have a better picture in my head. I actually just heard about this program today. What kind of things do you mark the students on? Or is this just a way for the students to practice reading and writing?

  5. We grade them according to their DRA level and I grade them on the other items that are listed for reading on their report cards during their time they read with me during my reading groups. It is a way for them to practice reading, writing, and word work.

  6. DRA stands for Developemental Reading Assessment. Our kids are tested using the DRA kit, and then read books that have been leveled using the DRA levels.

  7. u don’t know me but i am in mrs.diener class i use to be in mrs.laidlaw class
    i was wording if u know mrs.diener blog name is i would love to have it thanks bye.


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