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During Work on Writing, students work independently on writing of their choice. Work on Writing provides students with time to spend on writing that really matters to them. They may choose to write a persuassive piece, a friendly letter, a report, poetry, a personal narrative, and many more types of writing.

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  1. Do you have any ideas for working on writing with first graders? Each one of your kids is writing, but they are doing it in different ways. How did you accomplish this?

  2. Hello,

    I talked to my teaching partner, she used to teach first grade and she said she had them respond to text at the beginning, just like we do in second grade. She said you should start out with having them write about their favorite part and then move to writing about story elements, starting with one or two at a time and then adding the others. They can write about the same things as second graders, their writing is just going to look a little different. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. I love your site! I am a primary school principal. My two schools and the intermediate school in our district are adopting the Daily 5 systemically.

    You have done a great job of setting up your room and informing your parents.

    Where did you find your book/writing totes?

  4. Hello,
    Thank you very much!! I’m not sure if you’re talking about their book baskets or not. If so, I bought them at The Dollar Tree.

  5. I love some of your ideas and the book baskets from the dollar store, I used the book cubby boxes that I had in my room this year and it work as well as the baskets I used desks and this was nice to have them be put a way at the end of the sessions. My other teachers use tables and the baskets are a great Idea. I was very impressed with using the Daily 5 in my room and I did like how they can have a snack at their desks in their baskets this may be an idea for next year. I do let them have water bottles it saves on time at the water fountains and they just come back in and get to work. We had a new principal come in at the end of the year and he made daily visits at anytime in the morning and he was so impressed with the daily 5 and my students were on task all the time he came in and working hard and we made reading gains all year long that were so wonderful and writing skills increased I will use it again next year and I was so much better organized that even the other teachers were happy and it did not take that much more time and when information was needed I had it to go with me to intervention teams and special education it was great love your web site will return back to it thanks you for the videos and information I need to get my site up for next year parents that want to know all the information right now loved it Mrs. Charlotte Armajo

  6. My school just started the Daily 5 this year and I have a question about when the students are working on writing. I liked the idea of suggesting to write about a book they are reading such as sequencing. However, after they are done writing do you allow the students to illustrate their writing? If so, how do the students know they wrote enough and they are able to illustrate their ideas?

  7. It depends on which reader’s response activity they wrote about. Generally they have to write a full page in their composition books before they call illustrate on the back page.

  8. I teach language arts to K-3 English Learner Learners and I LOVE, LOVE your site and ideas.

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