Discipline Policy

In our classroom we use a color-coded behavior chart. This keeps track of your child’s behavior throughout the day. There are 4 colors: green, blue, yellow, pink. Everyday is a new beginning and the children will all start out the day with a green card. If behavior exhibits a warning level, the card will be moved to blue. If a child’s behavior becomes disruptive and/or challenging, the card will be flipped to yellow. If behavior continues in this fashion and does not improve when instructed, the card will be flipped to pink. This system allows the child to be actively involved in the “flipping” process. It also lets you be aware of how your child’s day went by asking them the color of their card for the day. The following is a list of consequences for each color:

GREEN: What a great day you had today! Congratulations, you will receive a sticker on your incentive chart and an Eagle buck.

Orange: Received a warning, no sticker on incentive chart, they will pay me an Eagle Buck.

YELLOW: Disruptive or challenging behavior, loss of privileges (recess, free time). No sticker on incentive chart, they will pay me two Eagle Bucks.

PINK: Defiant behavior, child did not improve throughout the day. Helping Hands note will be sent home. In some cases, parent will be called or child will be sent down to the office. Loss of privileges, no sticker on incentive chart, they will pay me three Eagle Bucks. If a pattern of yellow and pink cards is noted, a conference may be scheduled.



6 thoughts on “Discipline Policy

  1. What does your “helping hands” discipline or conduct letter look like? I am moving from 4th grade to 2nd grade this year and looking at new strategies to use in the classroom.

  2. Hello,

    My Helping Hands note has a letter at the top to the parents saying that their child had a difficult day and for them to please speak to their child about their behavior in class. The bottom is a list where I check off what their behavior was. The parents have to sign it and return it to school the next day, and I keep it in their file.

  3. How Many Eagle Bucks do they start out with? If they start with one then days after day do not earn them then what happens?

  4. I will be teaching second grade this year and was wondering what the students can do or buy with the Eagle Bucks?

    Thank you!

  5. Hello,

    Students can use their Eagle Bucks in our school’s store. They can also use them in our classroom. I have made up a list of things that they can buy like: a chocolate snack for the day, sit by a friend, wear a hat to school, bring a stuffed animal to school and sit it on their desks, a no homework coupon and many more.

  6. They start out with ten Eagle Bucks. If they run out, I keep track and they owe me when they get them.

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