Homework Policy

Your child will have a Math Homelink to complete at home every Monday-Thursday. These are always due back to school the next day. Spelling homework will come home every Monday and is due back by Friday of that week. A Spelling Preview will come home each Monday. This will have 6 Spelling words on it to study for the test on Friday. Anything not completed in class will also be sent home for homework and is due back the next day. Your child is also expected to read from their reading bag for 15-20 minutes Monday-Thursday. The reading log must be filled in and signed by a parent.

If your child does not bring back their homework on time, they will be sent to the Work Center. This is in the gym during second recess. They will be given a new paper to complete. If you send in a note explaining why your child did not complete the homework, they will be excused from Work Center and will be expected to bring in the homework the next day.

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