Mrs. Goy’s Behavior Plan


1. Students will arrive on time with all necessary materials including homework assignments.

2. Students will listen and follow directions.

3. Students will stay in their seats and stay on task.

4. Students will respect other students and staff as well as their property.

5. Students will keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times.

6. Students will respond appropriately to other students and staff.

7. Students will take responsibility for their actions.


1. I use a behavior card system in my classroom. Students will flip their behavior card each time they are not doing what is expected of them. Cards will start on green.

*Green Card: Great Day!!They will receive a sticker on their sticker sheet and one Eagle Buck.

*Orange Card: Warning, no loss of privileges, will not get a sticker on sticker sheet and will owe me one Eagle Buck.

*Yellow Card: Loss of recess, will not get a sticker on sticker sheet, will owe me 2 Eagle Bucks.

*Pink Card: Loss of recess, will not get a sticker on sticker sheet, will owe me 3 Eagle Bucks, and will take a pink “Helping Hands” letter home to parents to be signed and returned. May be sent to the office or may get a call home to parents.

2. Students will also be rewarded for following the classroom expectations and the 3R’s. They may receive any of the following: smile ticket, candy from the grab jar, extra Eagle Bucks, stickers from the treasure chest, a “good” phone call home!

Contact Parent:

1. If student uses profanity, inappropriate gestures or touching.

2. If student has physical contact with another student (hitting, biting, pushing).

3. If student continually disrupts class (excessive talking, out of seat, not on task).

4. If student continually does not turn in homework assignments.

6 thoughts on “Mrs. Goy’s Behavior Plan

  1. What are Eagle bucks and how do you use them in your room? Is that like a treasure chest?

  2. Mrs. Short,
    Do students start out with a specific supply of Eage Bucks? For example, what if they owe you two bucks and they don’t have any?

  3. I give them 15 Eagle Bucks at the beginning of the year. If they end up owing me, I write it down on a sticky note and keep track at my desk. I keep their Eagle Buck that they earn each day unitl they don’t owe me any more.

  4. They earn an Eagle Buck each day that their card stays on green. I give them out for exceptional behavior or out of the ordinary things. They sometimes earn them in their specials classes. I have things in the room that they can buy like: bring in a chocolate snack, a homework coupon, sit by a friend for the day, write in pen for the day, and many others. We also have a school store that comes around once a month and they can use their bucks to buy things there.

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