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I would like to invite any parents, older siblings, grandparents, relatives, or other special people to surprise your child by being a “Mystery Reader” this year in our classroom. Students LOVE having their family, friends, and relatives visit our classroom to share in our learning by reading a favorite story aloud to our class. Mystery readers will visit us on Fridays at 12:45 pm each week. Readers are asked to bring a book to read or read a teacher-chosen book from our classroom library. Remember, you are a mystery to the class, so try not to tell your child when you will be coming! Please see me or drop me a “secret” note if you have any further questions. I put out a sign up sheet at Open House, but there are still several dates available. If you are interested please give me a call or drop me an e-mail to set up a date.

We can’t wait to meet our 2014-2015 Mystery Readers!

4 thoughts on “Mystery Reader

  1. Mrs Short, I sent you a note today with my clues. I don’t think you opened it because you thought they were the notes and they are but I also had a question for you. Tomorrow I am a witness in a jury trial, I am hoping it settles in the morning before going to trial. I am worried you are going to read the notes and then I will be a no show. My question was what time do you read the clues?, if possible I can call or text you before that time to let you know if I will be there or not. Please email at the above address, if I don’t hear from you I will try calling you at school tomorrow. Thanks.

  2. Your blog is amazing! As a second grade teacher myself, I am always in search of ways to improve my classroom! I love your Mystery Reader idea and have time in my schedule to do this during the last 15-20 minutes of my day on Fridays…what a great way to send kiddos into the weekend! Can you share more information on how you set this up and make this work in your classroom?

    Thanks so much!

  3. Hello and thank you. I usually have a sign up sheet out at open house before school starts, it has all of the dates on it. I also will put dates on my blog that aren’t filled and ask for volunteers and I put dates in my weekly newsletter that goes home every Friday. But, really, most dates get filled up at our open house. I just send home a reminder letter in an envelope the Monday before their day. They usually email me their 3 clues that I use for the kids to guess who it is. The parents love it, they usually end up bringing a treat for the kids too and they love that. Good luck with it!!!

  4. I so love this idea of a mystery reader. It is a great way to end a week. Given that it is done all year I would hope to get at least one family member in for each student. You could even incorporate staff from the school like the cafeteria staff, custodians,and administration!!! Thank you for the wonderful idea.

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