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3-4-15: Mom’s Day

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3-3-15: Green Eggs and Ham

Yesterday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday. We had a wonderful breakfast of green eggs and ham, toast, fruit and orange juice. Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who sent in items. A HUGE thank you to my husband for coming in and cooking for us!!

3-3-15: Candy Land Quest

During the month of March, your child will be participating in our Candy Land Quest. The Reading Quest can be completed at home and/or during free times at school. (indoor recess, after schoolwork has been completed, Daily 5 time etc.) All materials for each activity will be available in the packet that was sent home today, as well as in the classroom. You are free to take more materials home as you complete the activities. There is no limit to how many times you may do an event.

As always, the QUALITY of your work matters! Please do your best the first time so that you don’t have to go back and fix things before you receive your tickets. 

On March 31st we will celebrate your achievements and you will be able to shop at our classroom shop with the tickets you’ve earned.


    • Reading calendar needs to be turned in every Monday during the month of March so you can earn your tickets and so our total class minutes can be added together!
      • 50 minutes = 1 ticket, 100 minutes = 2 tickets
      • If our class minutes reach 8,000 minutes the class will earn a VERY special surprise!!


    • Listen, read, and take quizzes on different books.
    • I can see who logged on during the previous week, and I will pass out tickets accordingly every Monday.
      • Log on to Raz-Kids=1 ticket


    • You will pick  a character out of a book that your are reading and “Step Inside” them during or after you have read the book. Be sure to draw them and answer each questiond on the back of the paper in complete sentences before you turn it in!
      • 1 Step Inside = 5 ticket


    • Using the page attached, write about a book you read that you think others will really enjoy. Be sure to tell us why the book is so great!
      • 1 book recommendation=1 ticket


    • You may retell a story you read orally to a parent. Parent signature required if done orally  SEE “RETELLING TICKETS”
    • You may also write down a retelling of a story
      • Every complete*, quality retelling=7 tickets

* A complete retelling must include the following:              

                                    Parts of a retelling:

  1. Title
  2. Main Character
  3. Other characters
  4. Setting-where and when
  5. Important details
  6. Time words
  7. Theme
  8. Problem & Solution

Quality Control

  1. Capital letters
  2. Ending marks
  3. Complete sentences
  4. Best handwriting


    • You may write a book about anyting you would like! Use your imagination!!
    • You may choose to publish this book in your very best handwriting or you can type it!
    • Remember to use your “RESPONSIBLE WRITING CHECKLIST” before turning it in.
    • Be sure to add illustration! If it is a nonfiction book, perhaps mom or dad could help you find real pictures online!
      • Each book that is written and illustrated = 10 tickets

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3-3-15: Harder Subtraction Facts Games

 This week we started our harder subtraction Mad Minutes and many students are struggling with them. Here are a couple of games to help them practice these harder facts. Just click on the picture to get to the games.

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March 2, 2015: Spelling~Unit 19

Today, your child should have brought home their spelling pretest. Please help them review the words, our test will be on Friday. Spelling homework was also sent home today. This week’s skill is working with contractions. Don’t forget that spelling homework is due back to school by Friday. If you would like to play a game to practice this week’s skill, just click on the picture below to get to a contraction game.

THIS WEEK’S SPELLING WORDS: must, because, does, part, even, through

3-1-15: Weekly Reminders

BOOK TREASURE BOOK: Our book this week was The Leprechaun’s Gold. The retelling sheet is due by Tuesday. If your child would like to listen to the story again, it is in a post below, just scroll down to view it.

GYM AND LIBRARY: Don’t forget to have your child wear/bring their tennis shoes on Tuesday for Gym. We are still having 1-2 students forgetting their shoes each week. Also, don’t forget your library books on Friday.

MARCH IS READING MONTH: Monday is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. Tuesday is Read My Hat Day. Thursday is Current Event Day. Please make sure that your child is reading each day and filling out the new reading log. I told the kids that it is not extra reading, they may use the 20 minutes that they are reading from their Book Buddy bag. It is just writing it on an additional sheet. Reading logs are due every Monday. If students turn in their logs, they will receive a prize from Mr. Metty and one from me. If they turn in their logs all 4 weeks, they will be able to attend Eisenhower’s first Pie Eating Contest!! Please make sure that you sign the reading log each week.

MOM’S DAY: Mom’s Day is Wednesday from 9:30-10:30. We are excited to have our mom’s join us for an hour!!

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3-1-15: Random Acts of Kindness

Congratulations to the following students for completing our classroom Random Acts of Kindness challenge: Peter, Noor, Rihanna, Lana, Kiley, Lillyan, Chyenne, Elijah, Emma, Iman, and India. They were given the challenge to try to do 5 Random Acts of Kindness in two weeks. When they did a random act of kindness, they wrote it on a heart and put it out on our display in the hallway. Nice job everyone!!


3-1-15: Congratulations!

Congratulations to Iman and Chyenne. They have gotten 30, 100%’s on their Mad Minutes. Way to go guys!!


3-1-15: Cookie Island

A few weeks ago we made our “Cookie Islands” as a culminating activity for our landform unit. We took a picture of our islands and put them in an app called Doodle Buddy. We used the tools in Doodle Buddy to label our different landforms that we put on our islands. Click on the word “weebly” below to get to our classroom weebly to view our Doodle Buddy creations.


2-27-15: Book Treasure Book

Yesterday we read The Leprechaun’s Gold for our book treasure book. The story centers around the King’s contest to choose the best harpist in the land. Young Tom is sure he can beat out Old Pat. The lad goes as far as to break the poor old fellow’s harp string on their journey to the event. It seems that all is lost until Pat stops to answer a leprechaun’s cry for help. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a shamrock to put in their treasure chest. Retelling sheets are due back to school by next Tuesday. Don’t forget, you can do your retelling right here. Just click on comments, below this post and leave your retelling. If you choose to do it on here, just write ‘blog” on your retelling sheet and turn it in by Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the picture below.