Supply List

Our students are provided many necessary school supplies and textbooks which are mandated by the Michigan Department of Education. It is suggested that you purchase the following for this school year. Thanks!!!!


1 pencil box with name labeled on the outside

4 highlighters-4 different colors

1 backpack-labeled

2 boxes of Kleenex

box of crayons-no more than 64 please

box of colored pencils

Fiskars pointed scissors

#2 pencils

pencil sharpener-with enclosed area to catch the shavings

big pink eraser

10 glue sticks-no bottle glue please

2 black and white composition books

Clorox Wipes




3 thoughts on “Supply List

  1. Dear Mrs.Short,
    I think that theblog is a great way for kids to learn diffrint things.
    I also wanted to say that I love the things that you put on here.

  2. Absolutely wonderful website! Hopefully, I will be starting my 1st year teaching 2nd grade in the Fall after teaching grades 3 and 4. Your website is full of awesome information. Thank you!

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